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Product • By Casalis BVBAGalaxy


Shining and radiant - literally. That is the very least that can be said about the Galaxy, a collection in which the shine is neither modest nor overwhelming. This very strong, hand-made rug owes its exuberant shine to the deep pile and the long thre... More

Product • By Casalis BVBABuffo


Young and playful, a distinct vintage yet timeless. With their wealth of high-quality materials and their frivolous character, these hand-made rugs give a new dimension to the word ‘cozy’. Their deep pile is made even deeper through the u... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAUnfold


Making its first ever public appearance at Salone del Mobile 2019 was the Unfold collection by Onno Raadersma. The new, hand-crafted carpets made of 100% bamboo or 100% wool yarn, bring together a harmonious blend of mottled colours to create an eye... More

Product • By Casalis BVBARaja


Purely traditional and disarmingly straightforward. It is no coincidence that the name Raja - which is Sanskrit for ‘king’ - was chosen for this strong, hand-knotted rug. After all, the Raja, made from the wool of sheep in the Himalayas,... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAT-Tweed


T-Tweed is the younger sibling of our iconic, Channel-inspired Tweed carpet. Produced entirely from Tencel, a very eco-friendly yarn. The T-Tweed carpet collection, offers a luxuriant softness and refined sheen. Its sustainability together with its d... More

Product • By Casalis BVBABeiras


Authentic, traditional and unmistakably European. These extremely robust rugs combine the centuries-old art of hand knotting from the Beiras region of Portugal with the most modern materials: new, rich yarns based on 100% New Zealand wool provide an... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAAria


Experience the luxurious feel and unmatched softness of this smooth luxury carpet, hand-knotted in exclusive mohair or mohair and silk. Choose a custom-made carpet in a solid colour or an elegant design from the soft colour palette with beautiful acc... More

Product • By FORT STREET STUDIOLotus Pale

Lotus Pale

Stemming from their knowledge and love of Chinese painting, Janis Provisor and Brad Davis drew on the recurring motif of the Lotus flower, which in Buddhism signifies purity of mind and body. The floating lotus depicted in the design rises above the... More

Project • By Marion Friedmann GalleryArt Galleries


RECOLLECTIONS touched on the sustainability of the past and its potential inherent treasure. The past is stored in our memories, and as such it is treasured within our deep emotional senses – this is conveyed in the manifestation of objects we crea... More