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NewsNews • 18 Nov 2020

Industrial Russian tower retrofitted with a loft-style contemporary workspace

Within a 19th century industrial building in St Petersburg, Art Gluck has introduced a modern office that meets the functional requirements of a contemporary building whilst maintaining the history of an industrial artifact.   Dmitry Tsyrencshikov The existing tower has a footprint of 10 square meters and a height of approximately 8 meters, allowing for a three-level space that accommodates an entry lobby (with wardrobe and bathroom), office space on the second floor and a recreation area with a kitchen and small library on the third level. The three levels are linked with a light metal staircase.  Dmitry Tsyrencshikov A particular challenge into the retrofit was creating even daylight throughout the building. The seco... More

NewsNews • 19 Oct 2020

ZOYA Museum takes its cue from historic village surroundings

In Petrischevo Village, outside Moscow, ZOYA Museum by Architectural buro A2M is located on a large field site surrounded by a small, primarily single-storey village. A historic site dating back to the Great Patriotic War, the shapes and layouts of the existing village are interpreted through different volumes into the architecture of the new museum. Ilya Ivanov With a total area of 2,500 square meters, the two-storey ZOYA museum includes an exhibition area, café, gift shop and associated amenities. Each hall within the museum is articulated as an independent volume, with views over the historic landscape that surrounds. Ilya Ivanov The different architectural volumes are united with a colonnade the runs the perimeter of... More

NewsNews • 24 Jun 2020

Moscow’s Grechka Lab Bakery peels back layers to reveal an eclectic pre-revolutionary atmosphere

The Grechka Lab Bakery by Veter Architects aims to recreate the pre-revolutionary atmosphere of a Moscow bakery within an existing building dating back to 1914.    Mikhail Loskutov With its bright interior and high ceiling, the building originally contained a bakery that was part of a large chain of Moscovian bakeries called ‘Titov and His Sons.’ Although a grocery store subsequently replaced the bakery, the building façade still retains an antique sign from the 1920’s reading ‘Bakery OTD M.G.K.I.O.’ Mikhail Loskutov Working to keep and restore what has been found under layers of finishing materials applied over the years, the space conveys a natural uniqueness, rather than delibera... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Cargill office in Russia

Moscow based architectural bureau Mad Architects has developed a project of the new Cargill company’s office – one of the leaders in the global agriculture and food supply industry. New department of the corporation is located in the center of Krasnodar andin the office with area of 1800 sq. meters. Design-code of the space is based on the “Floral” motifs, ideas of comfort and naturalness. The concept opens with a live phytocomposition made from real wheatears. It is located behind the reception desk. In addition, there is ribbed walls and big lamps.  Various design elements are also made with natural colors such as aquamarine, brown and verdigris. At the same time, the office filled with natural light which gi... More

Project • By IND architectsExhibition Centres

Chkalov Showroom

The architectural concept of the project is based on a crystal—not only is it an attractive symbol that can be identified with success, light and solemnity, but it is a many-sided element too. Each edge of the crystal catches the light and reflects its own reality. Chkalov is a hotel complex showroom that will combine several functions. It will have a trading segment and residential apartments and will offer the visitors an opportunity to come in touch with modern art. In addition to considerable capabilities of the hotel complex, one of the edges of the crystal reflects its economically advantageous location: proximity to a transportation hub (several subway stations are nearby), an artistic pool (ArtPlay and Winzavod), and trading f... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevTownscapes

3D Model of the city of 19th, 17 and 13 centuries

Our company created a 3D model of Yaroslavl in the framework of a global project, details of which will be published later. The city model contains more than 2500 buildings: the entire development of the UNESCO zone, detailed monuments and a buildings of adjacent territories. Also, the 3D model includes the rest of the city.Vimania company completes the development of 3D models of Yaroslavl at the end of the 19 — early 20 century, as well as the 17th and 13th centuries.Each of the three-dimensional models includes more than a thousand buildings — historical monuments. Specialists of the company developed a special retrospective analytical technique, thanks to which, using the 3D model of modern Yaroslavl and a huge numbe... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevExhibitions

SPIEF exhibition stand

Our new project is a stand for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.As part of the project of the exhibition space of the Yaroslavl region, two concepts were proposed:1. Composition using a design of flexible LED RGB-tubes (LED DMX neon), allowing you to change the color or generate an image.2. The concept of "Air, land, water", where the dynamic bands are exhibition pedestals for objects. They symbolize the rapid growth of the Yaroslavl region industry.Also in the exhibition space proposed the use of holographic projection technology with the use of a projector-fan and AR-portal technology, which allows you to visit various cities in the region.More info:стенд-для-пмэф-spief/Authors: Simon Rastorguev, Alexey... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevCities

Kursk 2032

The project was selected to participate in the 2nd round of the Open Architectural Competition "Kursk 2032" to create a concept for the restoration of the historical and cultural appearance of the central part of the city of Kursk.Understanding, symbolizing the landscape, restoring its architectural and town-planning integrity in subordination to existing cultural heritage sites, based on historical research and modern approaches in creating a comfortable urban environment is the basis and frame for the transformation of the territory of the center of Kursk. The complex, majestic layering of epochs, stages of town planning development becomes visible, through the tactful designation of objects and structures that have not reached our time.... More

Project • By LEVS architectenResidential Landscape

Forum City

In the centre of Yekaterinburg, LEVS architecten has designed a 103,000 m² urban complex: Forum City. With its nine separate buildings and a market hall, the ensemble will form a small city within a big city. The plan repairs Yekaterinburg’s historical urban grid structure, but also smoothly integrates with its diverse surroundings. The project offers a different approach to high quality urban life in the Russian inner city, by creating an open and dynamic urban atmosphere that combines residential functions with leisure facilities and retail areas.  On the outside, Forum City is a solid, strong and recognizable city-block, with retail functions on the ground floor. Lower and higher towers of eight to thirty floors render the bloc... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitectureIndividual Buildings

Belvedere – Nikola-Lenivets, Russia

Every year Nikola-Lenivets gathers hundreds of international artists who place their installations at the open air art festival in the park. Thus visitors can enjoy both a beautiful walk and an art exhibition. Some time ago the organizers of the festival have decided to complete the experience by building a belvedere which can offer a unique view through the entire exhibition zone. The project proposal represents a giant staircase located on one of the main park alleys and built in weathering steel on concrete foundations. This is a double staircase with an opened and a closed stairway. Thus visitors can climb the closed stairway and discover the sudden surprise of the spectacular view from the top. After, they can go down by the opened sta... More

Project • By IND architectsMuseums

Water Tower redevelopement concept

Work under the competitive project of Shcherbinka water tower redevelopment has begun with acquaintance to history of the place and communication with residents of the area. It turned out that the Tower is very symbolical for them. The building around has been constantly changed, but the Tower remained the same, so for people it's associated with their children's memoirs, personality formation and important emotions. From discussions we have concluded the strategic decision — we are going to perform the most delicate work with the building and try to keep the tower's silhouette. For this purpose we have lifted the multipurpose hall — it is located on the second floor, having left the tower basis open. In uniform style with the volume of the... More

Project • By IND architectsApartments

Tweed Residential Compound

The residential compound ‘Tweed’ in Moscow’s Krylatsky district is marked by geometric patterns, natural materials and bright color accents. Inspired by patterns of traditional Scottish fabric, tweed, the architects transferred this image to the city, thus creating a bright and custom-tailored project. The residential compound in Krylatsky is composed of quite same-type prefabricated panel buildings. There is a glaring shortage of attractive architectural solutions, quality finishing materials and interesting accents in this place. Tweed will address these problems and will become a bright accent of the area, while not conflicting with existing buildings. The shape of buildings is based on a town-planning analysis of the space-planning... More

Project • By IND architectsSubway Stations

Nagatinsky Zaton subway station concept

Just like it often happens in nature, complicated things sometimes pretend to be simple, and simple things at first can seem complicated. The the Nagatinsky Zaton metro station concept is the same, in its basis there are circles converging to the center, simple forms reflecting complicated evolution process which has happened in this area and in this city. There were small lakes here before, and later the new riverbed of the Moskva River has been formed, and everything that is left from the old area is this island. The island is our concept basis. On the island there are a lot of beavers, they even call it Bobrovsky island, and sure, there are a lot of dumped trees here, too. A tree and its rings by which it is possible to see its age and h... More

Project • By IND architectsSubway Stations

Klenovyi Bulvar station concept

Elchin Safarli "When I return, be at home""The sky is a great equalizer. From the subsurface of earth chaos all you have to do is look up and remember: life doesn't give any obligations, it has no debts, but it always keeps on running. This truth will become clear as soon as you eliminate the hustle in your head.I fell in love with white sky wanderers when I was six years old: on my way to school I saw the sunbeam working through a huge cumulus cloud. That's something I could easily lie on — I thought. It reminded me of my shaken-up goose down pillow — lush and snow-white, in a crackling pillowcase".The Klenovyi Bulvar station project is full of metaphors. First of all, it's located near the Kolomenskoye Park the territory with a large numb... More

Project • By IND architectsWineries

The Rocky Shore Winery

The architectural concept of the Rocky Shore winery has combined the authenticity, solemnity and true nature of wine with a modern way to produce wine.  The modern building of the winery seamlessly blends into the landscape. The shape, the color and the texture of the front blend in with the surrounding scenery and make the winery building part of the landscape. The project has been inspired by beautiful nature of the place with its dramatic topography swings and picturesque vineyard views. The large scale of the building is concealed by the shape of facades. That said, in addition to a pretty large production area, the structure accommodates tasting and presentation rooms, offices and observation decks too. Through the relative level-... More