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Project • By Clear LightingShops


The skincare and fragrance oil store FILOAS of Turkey has Flexglo™ F22 LED neon flex lights to light up the arch display wall. The interior design features light lavender color, which matches the brand's plant-based identity. The curvilinear indirect glow not only helps display products on the shelf but also contributes to a luxurious look. The visually appealing interior sets the customers' mood and give them a uniquely soothing shopping experience, even make them want to come to the store again. More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices


Hexacube is a new freehold commercial building situated at 60 Changi Road Singapore. The building features a futuristic facade of curved lines and hexagonal shapes. The lighting concept for this project is based on creating an urban nightscape with a strong visual identity where the façade’s structural form shimmers over the dark reflective glazing.  Flexglo™ F15 lights with a flat emitting surface can be bent easily to fit the angled corners snugly. A continuous 5700K cool white light picks out the distinctive shape of the building, wraps around it and dissolves into darkness and ambient luminance. The PVC housing coupled with the C-Mask™ patented technology allows for water repellency and protection from UV... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres


PopWalk is a landmark shopping mall in Hong Kong. The mall’s ceiling adopts a curved form made of vertically placed wooden panels, creating multiple wavy lines. The designer mounted Flexglo™ F22 LED lights on the edge of each panel to further highlight the undulating nature of the ceiling, adding organic rhythm and grace to the narrow space. Furthermore, Clear profiles offer great clamping force and are able  to hold the light strips in place, helping sustain the sinuous topography in the long term. F22 LED lights ensure a uniform distribution of light, which could make or break the final lighting result in a densely panel-packed ceiling like this. More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery is in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt. The shopping mall is home to some of the biggest international brands. The engineer chose Flexglo™ F22 flexible light strip to improve the aesthetics and visibility of the escalators. The light strip is neatly integrated with the handrail, highlighting the sinuous curve line and giving a unique and inviting look to the interior space. Combined with Clear’s hybrid mounting profile, the three-emitting F22 light is a perfect choice for handrail lighting. The continuous, even light diffusion spares shoppers shadow spots and ensures great lighting visual effect wherever they are looking, be it on a higher floor or lower one. The high lumen output provides proper illumina... More

Project • By Clear LightingShops

lululemon brea

Lululemon is one of the world's most sought after luxury leisurewear brands. When it comes to design a Lululemon store, the interior designers have to ensure that the customers experience the luxury and sophistication associated with the brand. Flexglo™ F21 LED lights was selected as part of the lighting project for Brea lululemon shop thanks to its ability to deliver class and functionality. F21 LED lights function as the main ceiling lighting that is facing the front gate. Inspired by the linear and flexible nature of the light, the designer created a circular lighting fixture with layers of curved light lines. This creative luminous fixture overhead combines with other lights to illuminate the room with natural, uniform light, inf... More

Project • By SELIM SENINShops

Corridors Of BBS Mall

The project is located in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, one of the East African countries. BBS Mall, with an area of 130 000 m2, is a candidate to become the largest shopping mall in East Africa. All corridor designs of the project were requested by the investors to be made by us. In the corridor design, since the building was already under construction and some ceiling applications were made, the project was started to be designed with a very limited design opportunity. Within this limited design opportunity, the design was made in a way not to delay the inaguration of the project and to establish a relationship with some parts applied in the field. Caption A design that will surround the people walking in the space with continuous... More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings


Bijdevaate Verzekeringen is an established insurance company in the Netherlands. Flexible Flexglo™ F21 light strips are installed discreetly above the ground floor windows to highlight the simple structural design of the building. The installation makes the light practically invisible during the day. The lights give uninterrupted smooth linear illumination around the architecture without leaving any blind spots. On top of that, the light resists water, flame and UV, sparing maintenance for the client.  The domed lighting surface offers a wide beam angle up to 160˚, spreading the light out wider and flooding the road down. No matter what viewing angle you are looking, you always get a balanced radiance. The single blue color was... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Haverlock II mall

Havelock II is a retail and office mixed complex in the bustling epicenter of Singapore’s most diverse districts. The mansion features a distinctive sinuous facade design. Flexglo™ F21 LED strip lights are horizontally flexible and can adapt to the curved lines of the exterior easily. Compared to surface-mounted luminaires, the arc-surfaced lights diffuse lighting from all angles, and they do a fantastic job of outlining the exterior of the building. Considering the long range lighting scenarios, the designer can connect multiple light strips into one long one seamlessly without leaving any blind spots. When the light is on, the mansion turns into a multi-layered lighting spectacle. The fluidity of the well-lit lines makes the... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

Qianwan Financial Headquarters Design Submission

Inspired by the concept of water, which is associated with good fortune in Chinese culture, the international architecture practice, 10 Design’s (part of Egis Group) design proposal for the Qianwan Financial Headquarters mimics a series of cascading waterfalls which defines this new tower in the cityscape of Qianhai in Shenzhen, China.As the waterfalls cascade down into the urban plaza, the tower form pulls back to express the primary structure. The primary structure creates this very simple and elegant colonnade which allows a transition from the main urban plaza through the colonnade and into the office lobby space.The design team has proposed a very strong, simple and elegant statement for the new emerging Qianhai CBD, where the si... More

Project • By Arizon DesignShopping Centres


The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen is aware that the current large shopping malls are rarely building communities with a sense of belonging. The new generation of youngsters possess a consuming demand different from the past. The commercial form that merely provides shopping will no longer attract consumers to keep coming back. Especially under the circumstance that e-commerce has a great price advantage, the commercial entities nowadays have to create the experiences e-commerce can’t provide so that profit can be made for survival in this era. Therefore, the designer is expecting to build VITA GREEN BLOCK A into a small scale yet full of wonder place with brand new consuming pattern based on customer experience. Shen-photo Every one... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

10 Design | CIFI Kunming Plaza

International architecture practice, 10 Design, reveals the scheme for CIFI Kunming Plaza, a retail mixed use destination in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan in China. The design for this 280,000 sqm development is rooted in the city’s natural terraced landscape and its year-round spring-like weather, aiming to provide ample outdoor spaces with an open retail street. Caption Caption Caption   10 Design was appointed after winning an international competition. The project is located at the north of the old city centre in an up-and-coming neighbourhood where new residential and mixed-use developments are surging. The scheme comprises of two interconnected malls, a retail street, and three serviced apartment towe... More

Project • By X+LivingShopping Centres

The Mixc Nanning

After creating ‘The Mixc Kunshan’ and ‘The Mixc Ningbo’, X+Living collaborates with China Resources Land Ltd once again in Nanning to illuminate the innovative concept of diversified business forms in the shopping center.  Caption The designer starts from the spatial structure and creates a fully different aesthetic system in the public area with multi-dimensional and architectural strategic thinking, while still satisfying the functional and commercial demands. Spatial narratives and children’s education are integrated in the space, leading to the success of a typical commercial space with a unique style in children-themed business. Caption The wide and splendid grids forms a unique appearance... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Market Village

Market Village, a chain store community mall by Homepro, Thailand, now is expanding to the potential area around Bangkok and its perimeter. This branch of Market Village locates in Klong Si, Pathumthani province, which is very potential and surrounded by many housing estates. The location in the past, there are full with canals which the people used for the transportation. Eventhough at the present, boats and canals are not the main transportation here anymore. But whenever Thai People think about Klong canals and the boat transportation will be reminded.  So Market Village Klong Si is inspired by the historical story of this area. The architectural of the building was designed to be as the old Thai boat. The line of canopy and sun sha... More

Project • By OFFTECOffices

Open City Palermo

New Administrative Centre of the Sicilian Region in Italy More

Project • By Bean BuroShopping Centres

Fresh Luxury / apm

apm “Fresh Luxury” Bean Buro  “We created an elegant materials palette that references a sense of luxury in an ultra-modern way for this forward-thinking shopping mall.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro “It was about balancing the dynamic experience of shopping with soothing resting areas. We prioritised the personal comforts of the users, with a visual and lighting environment that is restful but engaging at the same time.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro Brief: A refreshed aesthetic for a new generation of customers We were invited to refurbish one of the trendiest shopping malls in Hong Kong. The mall is famous for buzzing with y... More