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Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal® and shop interiors

VeroMetal® and shop interiors

Unlimited formability and unique designVeroMetal® finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs. Every design takes on the authentic characteristics of metal.   All elements with a real metal finish Exclusive finishing touch to your luxurious shop interior. Facades, walls, floors, furniture or other shop interior elements with a genuine metal appearance. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. VeroMetal® makes it happen.   VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface... More

NewsNews • 24 Jun 2020

A theatrical renovation to Shanghai’s Time Square recalls the drama of the stage

In Shanghai’s Times Square, this renewal of an existing commercial building stands nine-storeys in height and accommodates approximately 53,200 square meters of lifestyle shopping, fashion brands, and various restaurants. Inspired by theatrical concepts, the striking new façade features a dramatic ‘stage curtain’ made from aluminium pipes.   Takumi Ota The building’s existing structure had been rebuilt and rearranged multiple times previously, resulting in an incoherent circulation pattern. To resolve this, Nendo straightened out the building’s central passage and relocated escalators to create a smooth circulation and shopping experience. Takumi Ota Also, well-like atriums were rearrang... More

Project • By 3MIXShopping Centres

Chengdu Shimao Longquanyi Shopping Mall

Chengdu Shimao Longquanyi Shopping Center is located in Longquan Mountain, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. It is a popular tourist city, every march in spring, the city welcomes many tourists and lots of activities going on, it is a beautiful city with unique natural scenery and tourism resources. In the development project, 3MIX tries to integrate unique natural resources and introduce elements such as hibiscus, ginkgo, bamboo forest and tree house to create a unique commercial experience, making it a new star of shopping and fashion lifestyle center. The huge ginkgo leaf-shaped LED screen instantly increases the attractiveness of the entrance. 3MIX introduces the design concept of “Flower Whisper”. The walk flows inspired by the... More

Project • By One WorksShops

The Market - Luxury Shopping Outlet

One Works was commissioned to design a new luxury outlet destination to support the local community and tourism from local towns.The project assumptions originate with the territorial context, in addition to the commercial objectives. Context is the interventions topography, which uses the hillside to create a "vertical" complex. Terraced parking lots follow the terrains natural profile and the interior pedestrian path winds following a slight slope diagonally across the hillside. An unusual solution for a commercial space, the design concept allows one to read the site topography and at the same time drastically reduces building footprint.Context is also the topological nature of the intervention, where space is generated and given form by... More

Project • By BEHF ArchitectsShopping Centres

Shopping Mall WEZ

Built in the 1970s, the shopping mall WEZ – Das weststeirische Einkaufszentrum in Bärnbach near Graz is an example of the first generation of malls in Austria. Over the course of the years, the property has become dilapidated and has not been particularly inviting. Demolition has been a serious option. Nevertheless, the owners have decided to renovate it and thanks to BEHF Architects, the shopping mall WEZ has been upgraded into a modern-age facility designed to suit contemporary retail trends.   WEZ comes with a novel look and an improved functional organisation. The room layout has been rearranged in such a way that it ensures the optimal use of space and an extended rentable area. The dominant feature in the interior is... More

Project • By PHL ArchitectsShopping Centres

One Batam Mall

Batam is an island, municipality and one of the most important port cities in Indonesia. It is well known as the gate that connects Singapore and Malaysia. With its strategic location at the west of Bintan Island, South of Singapore, Batam has become an emerging transport hub and part of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore growth triangle. This condition triggers the growth of shopping and hospitality centers, one of which is One Batam Mall which will become an icon and tourist spot in Batam.Located at the heart of the city, One Batam Mall is designed to be the largest and most unique mixed-use in Batam. It is a one-podium development center with a shopping center, a three-storey marketplace, a 23-storey office tower, a six-storey hotel and th... More

Project • By MVRDVShops

Chongwenmen M-Cube

Located just within Beijing’s innermost ring road, the KWG·M·CUBE is prominently located next to the Beijing Railway Station and near to both the Temple of Heaven to the Southwest, and Tiananmen and the Forbidden City to the Northwest. Given this prime location and the consequent value of the land, the client wanted a building that would stand out from its mostly beige and grey neighbours, while also packing a large amount of space into a relatively small footprint. Contradicting this request were the desires of the city government, whose preference was for a building that would fit in with its muted surroundings on the busy street.MVRDV was commissioned to design the building’s exterior and responded to these competing hopes with a 7-store... More

Project • By mode:lina™Shopping Centres

A food court inspired by modern home kitchens.

Stary Browar and mode:lina™ are responsible for a small revolution in Atrium. The guests can now visit a revamped food court floor. This remodeling is the first of some large-scale changes which will take place in Stary Browar, and which are overseen by mode:lina™ team. Keeping in mind that Poznań constantly develops and the city centre receives new visitors, Stary Browar decided to look for solutions which would enhance their guests’ experience. Stary Browar builds on having an exceptional space and the image it has enjoyed for years, based on its unique architecture, works of art and buzzing urban spaces, and it now adds further city and people-friendly solutions. The first modification comes in a... More

Project • By Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten ZT GmbHOffices

Post am Rochus

Timeless Architecture in Dialogue with the CitySchenker Salvi Weber and feld72 shape the new corporate headquarters of Post AG on Vienna’s Rochusmarkt. The building ensemble is a composition of the highest quality which not only skilfully combines old and new but also features contemporary interior architecture which is distinguished by the open communication areas in the offices and the design of the mall. The integration of the building into the urban context enables it to enter into dialogue with its surroundings.In 2013, Österreichische Post AG launched an open, EU-wide, two-phase, anonymous general planner competition in the search for concepts for its new corporate headquarters on Rochusmarkt. The brief included the refurbishment of e... More

Project • By KriskadecorShopping Centres

Hilltown AVM

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Hilltown Mall, neoclassical style, receives an average of 15 million visitors a year.Next to one of the escalators, we find a design solution made with Kriskadecor anodized aluminum links.The image, reproduced in high definition, symbolizes a tree of life and includes a frame that cuts the chains to reveal a large television screen.Design: Pro-Ge. Photos by Gürkan Akay. More

Project • By 3XKOShopping Centres

Vadistanbul Shopping Centre

The Vadistanbul Retail Centre Interior Design, which was a project collaboration between international design firms 3XKO and Benoy, sits in the heart of the Cendere Valley Masterplan. The project is acting as the main destination of the Valley, which was a former industrial area and now being regenerated.3XKO were appointed to deliver the entire public retail interior and street retail frontage design execution and tender documentation along with the coordination of all sub consultants and suppliers for the 100,000 m² retail scheme. Vadistanbul AVM is a 3 storey 4th generation retail center which consists of 250 shops, a foodcourt with a roofterrace with views to the forest of the Cendere Valley. In addition 3XKO also de... More

Project • By ACMEShopping Centres

Eastland Shopping Centre.

With the recent completion of the Sage Hotel, Ringwood, QIC has fnished itsradical overhaul of the 1960s Eastland Shopping Centre. Located in a suburbanfringe of Melbourne, Australia, the new mall is the product of an unusual part-nership between three design practices in London: ACME, Universal DesignStudio and Sofroom. QIC commissioned Seventh Wave to appoint these threestudios and oversee the project which spanned half the globe.Architects ACME designed the new hotel, as well as creating a town square, asculptural entrance to the mall (the Shard), a library and civic centre, the DavidJones department store, and a number of multi-storey car parks. UniversalDesign Studio were responsible for the interior design of the refurbished centralma... More

Project • By Johannes Torpe StudiosRestaurants


Traditional components of Chinese design sparked the inspiration for the design of the fine-dining restaurant Subu. Fused together with the Scandinavian design style we created a universal aesthetic with strong references to Chinese culture and traditions like the concept of ‘private dining rooms’.DESIGN CONCEPTSouth Beauty Group asked Johannes Torpe Studios to re-brand, re-define and re-design the “classic” Chinese restaurant. We fused traditional components of Chinese design together with a Scandinavian design style to create a universal aesthetic with a Chinese touch.The restaurant is located in a high-end mall in the new financial district of Beijing. We designed a restaurant that not only stands out visually but also leaves a lasting i... More

Project • By BrigadaShopping Centres

Food Palace in Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall Food Palace is the center of happenings and social activity of the mall. In spite of its location on the upper-most floor, where high attendance is usually a challenge, Food Palace turns out to be very successful according to the numbers. Different types of seating have been designed for slow and fast food restaurants located in the same zone – the slow food zone being more intimate and hidden with comfortable chairs, the fast food zone more exposed to passers by and open to the mall corridor. Food Palace has been introduced into the existing Mall interior with its colors and refreshing design. With thoughtfully selected materials, furniture and lighting fixtures, all the restaurants have been connected and incorporated i... More

Project • By Dennis Lo DesignsShopping Centres

Broadway Cinema - Tangshan, China

A sample of China's ongoing effort to rebuild it's cities with modern movie theaters. More