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Project • By EntroLibraries

Salt Lake City Public Library

Entro worked with Pentagram and Safdie Architects on the identity, signage, and wayfinding program for the City Library in Salt Lake City.   The signage was created using stainless steel, etched glass, and vinyl, to create levels of transparency that mimic the overall design of the building.   Directional signage in the stacks uses a template for the Dewey Decimal System of book classification. It allows librarians to easily print out new inserts, should they need to update the numbers of shelving locations in the signs. More

Project • By EntroAirports

Ottawa International Airport

The major redevelopment of a new 26-gate passenger terminal at Ottawa International Airport required wayfinding that was highly visible and easy to understand.   Entro's wayfinding program reflected the improvements to airside and landside and helped to simplify the reconfiguration of inbound and outbound roadways.   Working collaboratively with the architects and client, we provided a bold, highly visible post-mounted sign system which supports a clear hierarchy of primary and secondary information. More

Project • By EntroTrain stations

Union Station Redevelopment

Union Station is a hub for GO Transit, TTC, VIA Rail and the Union Pearson Express, and welcomes over 40 million passengers annually. Entro developed a comprehensive wayfinding and signage strategy and, in this first phase of Union Station’s multi-phase redevelopment plan, oversaw the rollout of identification and directional signage for the exterior building, the new York concourse, and parts of the Great Hall leading to the UP Express terminal.   With four different urban transportation systems as well as shopping and other amenities converging within a complex and transitioning building, and several major attractions in the immediate vicinity, the challenge was to organize a broad range of information on the signage... More

Project • By EntroUniversities

Rockefeller University

The Rockefeller University is among the most respected medical research institutions in the world. Its small campus size belies its enormous accomplishments. Contemporary and classic architecture mingle deep within the lush and beautiful grounds, and circuitous pathways create outdoor “rooms.”   Our program unifies and respects the architecture with traditional patinated and oxidized bronze along with contemporary forms and typography. The totems are slim structures of opposing curved panels with extreme rigidity, elegance, and surface area. The panel void conceals LED pathway lighting. Plaque signs echo the totem’s curves. The design appears timeless, at once part of and enhancing its surrounds. More

Project • By EntroOffices

Ocean Financial Centre

This commanding new 43-story office tower shines with light over downtown Singapore, and an 82-foot rooftop garden joins the tower with the sky. The extraordinary use of light and color in Pelli Clarke Pelli’s architecture inspired our design. Gorgeous illuminated dichroic acrylic shimmers in black granite to announce the building, and on the other side graphics and text are layered along a 20-foot long illuminated translucent wall.   Inside, transparent materials and circular banded light continue the delightful interplay of figure/ground and visual depth. Bright colors add to the contemporary, upbeat feel of the building’s interior spaces. More

Project • By EntroTrain stations

Atlantic Terminal

The largest rail facility in Brooklyn serves thousands of passengers each day using eleven subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road. All those people needed to find their way quickly, efficiently, and easily. That was where we came in. We used LIRR’s graphic standards to effectively brand the platform areas.   Our distinctive dot pattern was coupled with the wayfinding and identification information, and incorporated into platform edge lighting. And we established a design language for the building across the exterior, ticketing areas, and track and subway identification. More

Project • By EntroAirports

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the second busiest in Canada, with over 20 million passengers annually. To address the airport's high traffic volume, Entro worked together with YVR on the rollout of an updated wayfinding program.   The wayfinding program provides a clear visual hierarchy between key areas such as terminals, departures / arrivals, parking lots, and passenger pick-up / drop-off locations. The exterior and interior signage work together holistically to promote seamless travel for all YVR passengers.   On the interior, Entro developed a modular system with standardized layouts and colours, which enables YVR to perform internal updates. Colour-coding in the exterior wayfinding highlights and differ... More

Project • By EntroCity Halls

Orchestra of St. Luke's

The signage program in this creative space serves several of New York's prominent music and arts organizations including the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, the Dimenna Center for Classical Music and the Baryshnikov Art Center.   The Orchestra of St. Luke’s is a gathering of outstanding musicians whose purpose is to bring the beauty of music to a wide audience.   In collaboration with Base Design who developed the brand identity, Entro designed all exterior identification, wayfinding, and donor recognition signage in the entrance lobby and other interior spaces occupied by the Orchestra.   The strategy for both the wayfinding program and donor recognition wall was to keep communication simple an... More

Project • By EntroBus stations


Viva, a part of the York Region Transit Plan, is an extensive seventy-kilometre rapid transit system. It is key to supporting and managing rapid growth, reducing dependence on the automobile, and maintaining quality of life for communities primarily along the Highway 7 corridor north of Toronto.   Entro implemented the Viva brand and later designed a signage and wayfinding program for the vivaNext bus rapidways travelling across Hwy. 7. Entro partnered with Gee Jeffery & Partners in branding new BRT system elements, such as the bus and bus graphics.   York Region Transit Plan also engaged Entro in the industrial and graphic design of the bus stations, stops, signage, and fare equipment.  ... More

Project • By EntroBus stations


Entro was engaged by Brampton Transit to redesign their new terminals and stations, and to provide a signage and wayfinding program for their state-of-the-art Züm system.   The signage program combines a hierarchy of directional and wayfinding information within a modular system, allowing for future modification as part of a cost-efficient process.   This new family of signs designed by Entro act as an extension of the brand identity to provide a functional, clear, and effective program. More

Project • By EntroPrimary Schools

Centennial College

The Centennial College Story Arts Centre is home to the School of Communications, Media and Design.   Entro's strategy for the signage and wayfinding program was to capture the vibrancy of the campus, while complementing the unique mid-century modern architecture.   The program incorporates playful, bold use of typography and colour to emphasize key locations on campus. Colour-coding for various zones further emphasizes destinations on campus, as well as hidden spaces within the building.   This culminates in an impactful colour spectrum, particularly on the directional wayfinding signage.   Other sign types included identification signs for classrooms, departments, and amenities, along... More

Project • By EntroArt Galleries

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing, designed by Renzo Piano, expanded exhibit space allowing for the display of more of the Institute’s extensive collection of Impressionist and American art. The Modern Wing also includes the Nichols Bridgeway, a pedestrian bridge that connects the museum to Chicago’s lively downtown area and the popular Millennium Park.   Entro, in collaboration with Pentagram, developed and implemented the wayfinding strategy and signage.   Our design approach called for integrated and dimensional detailing for the signage and donor recognition programs.   The signage design seamlessly blends the historic with the new and other sections of the museum. More

Project • By EntroMuseums

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s renovated David H. Koch Plaza was publicly unveiled in September 2014. The Museum and plaza are situated prominently along New York City’s Museum Mile.   To complement this magnificent new space, Entro - working closely with the project’s landscape architect, OLIN - developed an identification and wayfinding signage program which is carefully integrated into the architecture and the landscaped environment.   The program has received high praise because it blends effortlessly into the environment, as though it has always been a part of the original building. More

Project • By EntroLibraries

Seattle Public Library

Completed in 2004, the 355,000 sq.ft. Seattle Public Library acts as a community and cultural anchor. Entro, working with OMA and Bruce Mau Design, developed the library’s graphic identity, signage, and wayfinding systems.   Whimsical elements, oversized supergraphics, and giant title walls respond both to structural specifics and to facility users.   The program adds excitement and fun to the space while maintaining a calm environment for visitors. More

Project • By EntroOffices

8th Avenue Place

Eighth Avenue Place is one of Calgary’s most luxurious office complexes, with a plethora of high-end retail shops, a conference centre, fitness centre, winter garden, large public plaza, and restaurants. The wayfinding and signage program included all public and tenant spaces of the West Tower building, underground parking, retail guidelines, a conference centre, Plus 15 walkway system and a highly visible signature identification monument on the south plaza.   Our designs annotate the buildings in a simple, elegant manner using understated industrial design elements and typography to compliment the scale, tone, and finish of the architecture.   Eighth Avenue Place has been recognized by the Downtown Calgar... More