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NewsNews • 28 Aug 2021

Snøhetta’s new extension and landscape for the Ordrupgaard Museum in Denmark inspired by the Impressionist masterpieces it houses

North of Copenhagen in Charlottenlund, Denmark, the Ordrupgaard Museum houses a comprehensive collection of French and Danish art from the 19th and early 20th-century. The original museum building is a three-winged, neoclassical style mansion dating back to World War I. Laura Stamer In 2005, a modern 1,150m2 black and lava concrete extension designed by Zaha Hadid was added. Largely subterranean and partly excavated from the landscape, Snøhetta’s latest addition of a new extension and landscape offers additional exhibition space while forming a critical link between Hadid’s extension for special exhibitions and the museum’s original building and permanent collection. Laura Stamer Taking on the exterior a... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Orange Architects completes compact wooden vacation home with flexible interiors

Along the northern Dutch coast, on the Wadden Island Texel, Orange Architects designed a compact wooden retreat. The design is tailored to the way in which the clients want to spend their vacation. A place that breaks with daily routine and maximises the relationship with its green surroundings. Sebastian van Damme Since during vacations you spend more time together and there is less need for private space, the architects maximised the functions of each space. Most have at least multiple uses. The dividing walls are made flexible and can adapt to different needs. The adaptability has allowed the firm to keep the house compact, 70 square meters, and efficient. During the day the house has no unused spaces. Sebastian van Damme Dur... More

NewsNews • 2 Jun 2021

Writer’s Cabin offers an inspiring retreat

The Author’s House by SLETH is a getaway cabin located in a forest near Aarhus, Denmark. Offering a working-living space for a writer, the brownish-red volume, clad in a copper façade, coexists with the surrounding environment thanks to a muted colour and material palette. Sliding doors and skylights maximize views of the forest. Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST Boundaries of inside and outside are blurred, allowing for a seamless transition. The interior follows the character of the exterior with the use of copper and wood, as well as the shared use of mottled stone flooring. Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST Inside, walls serve as bookcases while Dinesen Douglas wooden planks are used as a dominant interior element,... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2021

MAD Architects shapes seaside library like eroded stone

MAD Architects used what they call an "anti-material" approach to avoid expression of the structure. The fair-faced concrete of the sculptural library pavilion is interpreted by the architects as a liquid material to emphasize its flowing spatial experience. CreatAR Images The Cloudscape of Haikou is the first of sixteen coastal pavilions to rejuvenate the historic port city of Haikou, located on the most southern tip of China. The building contains a bookstore and public amenities.  Archexist The library and reading spaces, capable of holding 10,000 books, are located on the south side. A café, public restrooms, restrooms, a nursery room, a public rest area, and a roof garden on the north.  Archexist Doub... More

Product • By Vanceva Colors PVB interlayersVanceva Earth Tones Collection

Vanceva Earth Tones Collection

Incorporate soothing colors into your architectural designs. When laminated between two sheets of glass, Vanceva interlayers enhance the safety and UV protection in architectural glazing. Now available in an array of natural earth tones, these polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films also bring greater aesthetics, warmth, and serenity to any architectural space. Traditional methods of making colored glass can be costly, particularly when the volume of colored glass is small. And not all colored glass may be appropriate for building codes and requirements. With Vanceva EarthTones, architects and designers have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity. Select from a ran... More

Product • By SaflexSaflex Clear PVB interlayer

Saflex Clear PVB interlayer

Enhanced safety for architectural laminated glass Globally, architects and designers rely on Saflex® Clear PVB interlayers in laminated glass to help meet regional standards for safety glass. Protecting people and property, Saflex interlayer adds post-breakage safety and security to laminated safety glass applications. Unlike monolithic glass, properly designed laminated glazing made with Saflex interlayer reduces the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass adheres to the interlayer after impact.  By holding glass in place, the interlayer provides protection by preventing the release of glass shards from becoming dangerous flying or falling glass fragments.  This may also help keep the system integral once broken&... More

Project • By brg3sSecondary Schools

Youth Villages

Youth Villages is an organization which originated in Memphis, TN with a mission to provide rehabilitative and educational services for children with behavioural health challenges. In the early 2000’s the firm, then under the title of TRO Jung Brannen, designed and constructed two other residential treatment centers and an educational facility. This is the third, 72-bed, residential building on the campus designed by the firm, now under the name of brg3s. It was named 'Bill's Place' for the CEO's late father who made his own way through the foster care system.  This 105,000 SF, single story addition provides living and treatment space for adolescents who have been placed at Youth Villages because of social and behavioral concern... More

Project • By FAKROEstates

Military barrack adapted for living

An old military barrack in Ede (the Netherlands) has been transformed into apartments and a daycare center. The decision was made to keep the original looks of the buildings exterior. The interior however has been refreshed and adapted for living. Lots of natural light and protection from overheating contribute to comfort of the inhabitants' lifes.  The new living spaces have been modernized and adapted for everyday use. Roof windows combinations beyond the openwork staircases let a lot of natural light into the homes. The plants situated in the corners and on the staircase landings, along with the sky that can be seen through the roof windows, create natural atmosphere inside. Some of the 132 white-framed FAKRO FTW-V roof windows ar... More

Project • By Hier ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Slide House

Constrained by the long narrow site sandwiched between neighbouring properties, the design distills into the shifts of 3 volumes to shape light entering the spaces of this dwelling.   Deprived of any side elevations to allow openings, the 3 cubes slides between the party walls to allow daylight into the middle of the house. Here, a double volume atrium space ensures light reaches the lower parts of the house from the skylights above. Staircases are located beneath the skylights on both sides of the atrium while a feature bookshelf on level 2 fronts one face of the atrium. In addition to shifting between the walls, the cubes also slide amongst themselves along the front-back axis, introducing a series of outdoor patios that shift both... More

Project • By Rockwell GroupBars

Moxy NYC Chelsea

Design Concept: Following the opening of Moxy Times Square, Rockwell Group is designing the amenities at Moxy Chelsea. The hotel’srestaurant, lounge, and rooftophave been conceived as places of discovery, surprise, and rejuvenation—Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden” meets Milan’s Villa NecchiCampiglio. Tucked into the bustle of Manhattan’s historic Flower District, guests encounter a botanically inspired design and crafted romance seen through a thoroughly modern lens.   Layers of rich color, material, pattern, and form combine to create a unique design unseen before in New York. Together these elements appeal to today’s youthful global traveler or sophisticated city insider who craves a contextual sense of place as well as escap... More

Product • By FLATGLASSFlatglass - Flat skylight

Flatglass - vlakke lichtkoepel

Minimalistic skylight in steel More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Stansbury Park Elementary School

An elementary school for a new subdivision called Stansbury Park, called for a large program to be executed under a tight budget. The program called for a windowless school and impervious materials for the cold weather and winds which prevail in an area by Tooele, Utah, close to the Great Salt Lake. Kenneth Lambert and Kenneth Pollard created a wood structure with brick veneer. The entire corridor throughout had skylights to provide the students with sunlight and time of day passage. Exterior doors of the classrooms had glass for sunlight and views. The importance of scale and materials play an critical part in this project. This project was preformed under the firm Scott , Louie and Browning Architects. More

Project • By StudiohuertaPrivate Houses

Casa Escondida

Located off the desert coast of Los Cabos, Casa Escondida is a project of multiplicities. Mediating between complex and competing demands imposed by climate, program, and neighborhood regulations, the design overlays strategies of disguise and duality to construct the concept of a house within a house.  The discreet exterior displays a compliant structure, conforming to the requisite roof type, limited apertures, and stone cladding stipulated by community guidelines, while inside, architectural freedoms of form and materiality unfold. Carved out of the house’s conceptual massing, a composition of voids creates a second, protected exterior space; a courtyard covered by skylights that tilt and taper at different angles to produce... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturMuseums

Liljevalchs Konsthall

INVITED COMPETITION - HONORABLE MENTION"A proposal with great architectural qualities with an autonomous expression of seldom seen. Timelessness and beauty mediated in the draft that becomes a work of art in itself."StockholmLiljevalchs’ new extension marks itself as an explicit part of the place, a sculpted volume with its own identity. The extension interacts with Liljevalch existing compact, closed body, reads its architecture and organization, and allows a contemporary sculpted imprint subscribe at the site. Liljevalchs to with its garden café Blue Gate is a cohesive system that clearly defines an outer boundary, where mass and scale creates inner and outer rooms that clearly relates to the art gallery's complex context and to the city.... More

Project • By IDEAS EFGPrivate Houses

Casa Rhin

House of a narrow front, where clients needed a vast place, where the areas meet and has a feelling of great of flow More