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NewsNews • 5 Jan 2023

Taipei house by AODADesign fosters a harmonious coexistence between humans and cats

In Taipei City, Taiwan, this residence by AODADesign takes into account the activity and needs of five cats while providing an elegant and comfortable living space for humans. Studio YHLAA At the outset of the project, the designers undertook in-depth research on the behaviour of humans and cats and their patterns of living together, exploring the scales and boundaries of functional planning, outlining the appearance of the home in simple strokes, and incorporating both natural textures and oriental elements to reflect the home’s location.   Studio YHLAA Cats are core to this home’s living area, with large volumes of space on each of the two walls, including catwalks, jumping platforms, and storage areas... More

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Rural

Brazil Countryside Compound

One of our favorite recent residential projects: an off-the-grid, self sustainable residence tucked away in the Brazilian countryside.  When you’re relying on your own systems for water and power production, you naturally focus on performance. Krownlab's Loki system was the natural choice. Krownlab More

NewsNews • 12 Apr 2022

Holiday House Hof Ahmen draws comparisons to the glasshouse classics of modernism

In the outer lying areas of Berlin, Holiday House Hof Ahmen by Atelier Sunder-Plassmann strives to complement a unique, listed farmhouse while developing an independent modern architectural language for a new building. Design comparisons are drawn to the classics of modernism including the ‘Glass House’ by Phillip Johnson and the ‘Farnsworth House’ by Mies van der Rohe.  Simon Schmalhorst The existing layout of Hof Ahmen is characterized by a rectangular courtyard surrounded by grassland and local rows of trees. At the centre of the site is a listed, thatched main house, and to the east is the detached roof of the sheep barn, which was built in the 1990s as an open wooden construction.  The new holid... More

NewsNews • 23 Mar 2022

Floating home by Olson Kundig takes on a cabin sensibility in the heart of Seattle

Part of a community of floating homes in Seattle’s Portage Bay, the Water Cabin by Architect Olson Kundig takes on a cabin sensibility in an urban context. Sitting low to the water, the small home acts as a platform for engaging with the surrounding waterway. A delicate galvanized steel structure supports expansive roof planes and wide areas of glazing that open to dramatic 180-degree views. Aaron Leitz Organized to maximize connections with the water, the lower living space integrates dining, kitchen, and office functions with a hidden murphy bed for guests. Large sliding doors and a glass corner connect the space to the wrap-around exterior patios. Finished with Ipe wood decking, the patios feature generous roof overhangs that... More

NewsNews • 20 Mar 2022

Hidden Garden Room by Objekt Architecten brings tranquillity to this Belgian family home

The Garden Room by Objekt Architecten is a transformation of a 2-car garage into a space where inhabitants can retreat and enjoy the peaceful quality of their garden. At the same time, the requirement for covered parking remained.  Ypsilon Business Photography The original house features an L-shape that embraces the existing terrace. With the addition of a new volume, Objekt Architecten has enclosed the area to the eastern side of the site, thus forming a U-shaped patio. Oriented to the south, this patio conveys a sense of warmth amplified by flamingo-pink flagstones and vegetation.  Ypsilon Business Photography The new volume is clad with profiled aluminium in a Swedish red colour (Faluröd) that stands in concret... More

Product • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA M450


SMARTIA M450 represents the next generation of advanced systems for minimal lift & slide and regular sliding doors. It meets the demanding requirements of contemporary residences for high thermal insulation and modern aesthetics. Advantages Minimal and innovative design with only 25 mm of visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile, both for lift & slide and sliding typologies Green buildings design thanks to the exceptional energy efficiency of the system Great ease of use and high functionality Easy to clean frame, with invisible water evacuation and less visible depth Wide variety of typologies Exceptional quality with certified performance More

Project • By ErmetikaPrivate Houses


This project, signed by DL2 Studio, concerns a totally renovated flat located in Rome's African district.  To meet the needs of a young couple, the floor plan has been radically redesigned to create a bright open space where the living room and kitchen are separated by shelves treated as dividing elements. The transition between the various rooms in this house is accompanied by changes in the height of the ceilings, used to create direct and diffuse lighting effects. The flat uses only frameless doors, both hinged and sliding, to create a comfortable and modern environment. The doors, perfectly aligned with the walls that embrace them, have made it possible to create a harmonious and discreet environment.  The flush-to-wall Abs... More

Project • By ErmetikaPrivate Houses

Noard 99

The Noard 99 project in Holland is a very interesting case study of how space can be redesigned to make it as congenial as possible to people's daily lives. The renovation of this flat was planned with the aim to transform two flats into one by redesigning the interior layout and make it suitable for wheelchair use. The interior design is attributed to Marcel Hectors, the owner of the house, that confronted with new health challenges decided to design his own house to meet his personal needs. The aim was to include a space dedicated to the photography and museum installation studio he runs, creating the perfect balance between his personal and professional life. This mission was accomplished thanks to the use of sliding doors, which allowe... More

Project • By ErmetikaPrivate Houses

Appartamento Monteverde

Built in 2020 by the DFR Architecture studio, this small flat located in the Monteverde Vecchio district of Rome has been completely redesigned, revealing modern finishes and attention to design down to the smallest detail.  The goal was to create a large, bright space suitable for the needs of a young family.  Through the demolition of some partitions, a new open space was created which is now the heart of the house. It was designed to be the living area and consists of a living area, a dining area, a kitchen and a small bathroom. Its south-east exposure and the predominance of white make it extremely bright and comfortable.  On the opposite side of the living room is the sleeping area, with a corridor leading to the mast... More

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Private Houses

The Road's End House

A MODERN PLACE TO RETIRE  Portland architects Giulietti/Schouten focus on custom, single-family homes—both new builds and remodels—throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their regional expertise drew Mary and Phil Krueger to approach the firm with an ambitious project: replacing their 1938 property in Lincoln City with a modern home. They wanted their home to take advantage of the stunning Oregon Coast views and have design features like wide door frames that would allow them to age in place through retirement and into their golden years. A sliding door was the easy choice for the upstairs master bedroom. Not only did it fit the overall aesthetic of the home, it checked the boxes of ease of use and compatibility with oversized... More
Axel Sliding Door Hardware in Black Steel from Krownlab
Axel Sliding Door Hardware in Black Steel from Krownlab
Axel Sliding Door Hardware in Black Steel from Krownlab
Interior Facing the Entry

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Private Houses

Stable Conversion

When a Chicago-based painter and a digital designer moved to Kirkland, Washington they bought a home that came with a horse stable. The biggest animal they owned, however, was a dog. They decided to repurpose the horse stable, common for their neighborhood, which abuts the Bridle Trails State Park, as a multiuse space complete with a painter’s studio, a workspace, and a guest bedroom. They hired SHED Architecture to renovate both the stable and the house, and saw an opportunity to have fun with the smaller structure. “As the conversion occurred in concert with a remodel of the main house, the stable became a site for big ideas and a more open-ended project brief,” said SHED Principal Thomas Shaer. “Our goal was pret... More
Oden Glass Mount Sliding Door Hardware in Black Stainless
Oden Glass Mount Sliding Door Hardware in Black Stainless
Close Up of Oden Glass Mount Trolleys in Black Stainless
Office Lobby

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Showrooms

OFS Showroom

The OFS Brands showroom in Los Angeles features a stunning glass conference room with Krownlab sliding door hardware.   A CUSTOM SPACE FOR CUSTOM FURNITURE  When OFS Brands designed their new Los Angeles showroom, they tapped Pam Light, pL-D Studio, and Klawiter and Associates to help shape it. OFS is a family owned, community driven company that has been providing socially responsible furniture and logistics solutions since 1937. It was important that their showroom have a truly refined aesthetic that preserved existing architectural elements—a spatial metaphor for their modern product offerings and their rich heritage. A key component of pulling this design trick off was the thoughtful selection of interior finishes. W... More
Exterior of the Woodland House
Oden Top Mount Sliding Door Hardware in Black Stainless
Oden Top Mount Sliding Door Hardware in Black Stainless
The Modern Interior of the Woodland House
Asta Door Pull in Black Stainless

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Rural

Woodland House

A young family from Chicago built their dream home in rural Wisconsin.   BACK TO NATURE  Chicago urbanites Dave and Jamie Van Dixhorn and their three young children uprooted from the windy city to the small town of Kohler, Wisconsin, looking for a radical change of lifestyle. Proximity to nature was a central priority. But they also wanted to keep some of that urban sensibility they had come to love: open spaces, large windows and functional design. Dave and Jamie hired Osterhaus-McCarthy and Milwaukee-based Bruns Architecture to design a 6,000-square-foot home to their specifications. As Dave likes to say, “The design blurs the lines between the natural beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of modern living.”... More

Product • By Krownlab Inc.Rorik Shower Door Hardware

Rorik Shower Door Hardware

Sliding Shower Door Hardware System More

Product • By Krownlab Inc.Oden Sliding Door Hardware

Oden Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Barn Door Hardware System More