25 best interior door manufacturers

25 best interior door manufacturers

27 May 2024  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Beyond their obvious role of creating privacy and acting as transitions between different areas within a building, interior doors can influence the visual and tactile experience of a space, contributing to its overall design language, complementing or contrasting with walls, flooring and furnishings.

Interior doors are available in a variety of styles and configurations, including swing, sliding, and pivot doors, each offering unique benefits. Swing doors are traditional and versatile, suitable for most settings. Sliding doors save space and give a contemporary touch to interiors. And pivot doors, with their particular design and smooth operation, might serve as statement pieces.

The market for interior doors today offers a variety of products designed to meet a range of design preferences and functional requirements. Architects can choose from an array of finishes, including natural wood veneers, painted surfaces, glass inserts, and metal accents. Interior doors also come in various dimensions and designs. Flush and frameless doors are increasingly popular for their clean, uninterrupted surfaces. Doors with hidden hardware and hinges provide a seamless aesthetic, ensuring that the functional elements do not detract from the door's design.

These are 25 of Archello’s most popular interior door manufacturers specified by architects and designers, part of Archello's 25 best manufacturers series. 


1. Xinnix Door Systems, Belgium  

photo_credit Xinnix Door Systems
Xinnix Door Systems

Xinnix specializes in the production of flush interior doors. The name Xinnix (C-nix, 'or see nothing') describes the seamless door systems this company seeks to achieve, which it does by placing aluminum frames into the walls to avoid visible jambs. Xinnix's product range includes frameless door systems, concealed hinges, and integrated door closers, all engineered to provide a minimalist aesthetic and superior functionality. Its product range includes Xinnix X2 frameless flush interior doors. Engineered for both residential and commercial use, the Xinnix X2 is known for its durability and precise construction. It can be customized to fit various dimensions and finishes, catering to diverse architectural and interior design requirements. 


2. ECLISSE, Italy  

photo_credit ECLISSE

Established in 1989 by Luigi De Faveri, ECLISSE has invested in research and innovation for 35 years, consistently expanding its product portfolio and enhancing both product and process design. Its breakthrough came with the introduction of an innovative pocket sliding door system, which integrated design and operation to eliminate common issues like noise, wobbling, and sticking.  Today, ECLISSE is a leading brand in the production of counterframes for sliding pocket doors and frames for flush and splayed hinged doors, with a production capacity of 1,500 frames per day and a global distribution network. Its Syntesis Line Battente customizable interior flush door systems allows for the installation of a hinged door without jambs and architraves, completely flush with the wall. 


3. FritsJurgens, Netherlands  

photo_credit FritsJurgens

FritsJurgens specializes in innovative pivot door systems that offer a sleek, frameless design with hidden hardware. The company has been known for its craftsmanship since the 1930s. Today, FritsJurgens produces high-quality pivot door hinges that can support doors of up to 500 kilograms in weight, regardless of material. The Frameless FritsJurgens® Pivot door system with built-in hinges offers architects greater design freedom, enabling the use of large, heavy doors that rotate smoothly around an imaginary axis. Unlike traditional pivot doors, the hinge system is discreetly housed within the door, creating a stylish interface with the floor without requiring structural alterations like recesses in the floor. 


4. Clark Door Limited, United Kingdom  

photo_credit Eric Laignel for Elkus Manfredi Architects
Eric Laignel for Elkus Manfredi Architects

Clark Door Limited is a leading innovator in the UK that designs, manufactures, and installs custom-made, high-performance, acoustic, fire, and security-rated doors. The company recently celebrated 50 years of manufacturing and has won several awards such as the Queen's Award for Enterprise International Trade in 2020 and the King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2023. Its Horizontal sliding doors with high-performance acoustic insulation product is designed for reliability, longevity, and high performance. The doors don't require thresholds, leaving floor space clear without tracks. The system can be fire-rated for up to two hours to meet various international standards. 


5. Ermetika, Italy  

photo_credit Ermetika

In 1987 the intuition of two specialized blacksmiths, the Spinazzola brothers from Barletta, gave life to one of the first production companies focused on the production of counterframes for sliding doors and pocket doors. In 1992 the Ermetika brand was born. After 30 years the company produces a range of products including the notable Absolute Swing flush hinged door system without edging trims. Aesthetically pleasing, Absolute Swing is also practical: the door blends integrally into its surrounding plasterboard or plastered walls, creating continuity with the walls.


6. dooor,  Italy  

photo_credit Vincent Drouin
Vincent Drouin

Inspired by the possible opportunities for well-designed folding doors in contemporary living spaces, Francesco Mascarucci founded Dooor. Based in central Italy, the company manufactures a novel type of folding textile door system. Its range of products includes the Dooor folding interior door with lateral opening. Dooor folding doors have the functional features of typical folding doors, enhanced by a broad range of aesthetic options that make use of sleek finishes, numerous cladding materials and countless colors. The possibility to clad the two sides with different coverings to match the surrounding atmosphere represents a value added for professionals who aim at giving a distinctive touch to interior spaces without foregoing functionality.


7. Rimadesio, Italy  

photo_credit Rimadesio

Rimadesio specializes in creating systems for dividing rooms and defining interiors architecturally. Its range includes doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes, and complementary furniture, all constantly evolving in style and scope. The company's designs are characterized by their simplicity and exceptional technical expertise, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Glass plays a central role in Rimadesio's collection, reflecting its commitment to purity and sustainability. With over 50 years of experience, Rimadesio produces its glass components in-house, leveraging its technical know-how to deliver high-quality products. Its Moon coplanar interior door for effective floor-to-ceiling solutions is made entirely of lacquered glass. Its unique features include a bespoke handle, which is a die-cast aluminum frame of minimal thickness that encloses an insert in glass, leather, synthetic leather, or wood to match the door panel. 



photo_credit Linvisibile

LINVISIBILE is an Italian company that creates tailor-made opening and closing systems. Linvisibile's doors are flush with the wall, eliminating the need for frames or exposed hinges, and delivering a smooth, perfect opening. The company manufactures products like the Linvisibile Filo 10, a door designed with concealed hinges and no frames or jambs, creating a seamless connection between the wall and the door. The door can be coated with various materials such as metal, stone, or leather. Shiny or matte lacquered and wooden versions are also available.


9. KLEIN, Spain   

photo_credit KLEIN

KLEIN specializes in the production of high-quality interior sliding door solutions. The company has over 75 years of experience, offers a distribution network spanning 55 countries, and places focus on research and development. It manufactures the Slid door system with noiseless sliding for minimalist interiors, a sliding system with one or two wood or metal panels. The newest version of the system includes the bespoke KLEIN Soft Closing braking system, which ensures a smooth and noiseless sliding experience.


10. Scrigno, Italy  

photo_credit Alessio Tamborini
Alessio Tamborini

Scrigno is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of exclusive counterframes for pocket sliding doors and windows, 100 percent made in Italy. The company is headquartered at Sant’Ermete, in the commune of Santarcangelo di Romagna, Rimini. With some 180 employees making 500,000 counterframes each year, Scrigno exports to over 30 countries. Its Essential Sliding interior doors without doorpost or edging trims is both physically and visually free of doorposts and other finishes, leaving openings between rooms seamless and fluid. It is available in one- and two-door versions and for masonry and plasterboard walls.


11. Lualdi, Italy  

photo_credit Lualdi

Lualdi designs bespoke doors, systems, and furnishings for interiors in residential, business, and hotel settings. From a time-established partnership forged with architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni in the 1960s, the company has focused constantly on experimentation and research into the materials and finishes used to construct the spaces of everyday life. The Lualdi tradition remains inextricably tied to partnerships with some of the most authoritative figures in the universe of design and architecture. Its Rasomuro 55s flush internal swing doors with concealed hinges is produced with a range of finishes by Lualdi that includes the noblest wood essences and a palette of matt and gloss lacquered colors.


12. Barausse, Italy  

photo_credit Barausse

Since 1967 Barausse has specialized in the production of interior doors, which are fully designed and manufactured in Italy. Its SECRET flush door with invisible frames is a collection that offers a modern, invisible white lacquered aluminum frame that can be integrated into both brick and plasterboard walls. Its doors come with the most high-performing hinges on the market, adjustable on three axes. Its leaves can also be provided in a paintable version, which can be customized with the same paint as the wall or with other finishes, such as wallpaper. The doors come with a magnetic lock and can be integrated with a self-closing device, mobile threshold option, or push handle.


13. PORTAPIVOT, Belgium  

photo_credit PORTAPIVOT

PORTAPIVOT specializes in creating customized architectural hardware, including pivot hinge systems, aluminum door systems, and sliding doors. PORTAPIVOT custom produces the required hardware and provides required glass dimensions so that project craftsmen can order glass locally, to be assembled and installed on-site. Its PORTAPIVOT 5730 pivot door system with or without frames is a popular door system made with a minimal anodized aluminum frame available in black, bronze, silver, and stainless steel. The anodizing process helps to convert the metal surface into a decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish. 


14. ANYWAY Doors, Belgium  

photo_credit ANYWAY doors
ANYWAY doors

ANYWAY Doors has been studying modern interior doors since 1995. Its mission is to 're-invent the door' while considering insulation, ventilation, privacy, security, maintenance, and durability. ANYWAY Doors' minimalist design has been used in over 25,000 residential projects. It manufactures products such as Glass interior doors with automatic closing system.


15. Albed, Italy  

photo_credit Darragh Hehir
Darragh Hehir

Albed was founded in 1964 with the vision of creating high-quality design aluminum accessories. It has developed its unique style and production skills while remaining true to its original objectives. The products are entirely made in Italy, using raw materials that meet all environmental and safety standards. Notable products include the Quadra customizable interior swing and sliding door collection available in various finishes and with a range of design options.


16. WOODYGLASS, Czech Republic  

photo_credit WOODYGLASS

WOODYGLASS specializes in the production of acoustic system partitions. The company focuses on integrating traditional craftsmanship with advanced engineering to produce high-quality, sustainable products. WOODYGLASS offers a range of solutions, each designed to meet stringent standards of durability and functionality. Its notable WOODY I is a certified high-quality glazed partition system designed for both residential and commercial applications. The product features a ledgeless wooden frame constructed from sustainable timber, emphasizing durability and natural aesthetics. 


17. Bluinterni, Italy  

photo_credit Bluinterni

Originating from FIAM srl, which has been manufacturing home, office, and contract sector components since 1983, Bluinterni turned in 2008 to focus on the design and production of interior doors. Bluinterni emphasizes combining cutting-edge machinery with traditional craftsmanship to produce durable and reliable products. The company offers a wide range of customizable sliding and hinged door solutions, ensuring compatibility with various architectural and design requirements. Its VITRUM LINE interior glass door collection features high-quality glass panels, available in finishes such as frosted, clear, and tinted, allowing customization to suit various design requirements.


18. Maars Living Walls, Netherlands  

photo_credit Maars Living Walls
Maars Living Walls

Maars Living Walls was established in 1946 and has since evolved into a leader in the field of partitioning systems. Maars combines innovative technology with meticulous craftsmanship to manufacture products that meet the highest standards of functionality and design. Maars Living Walls has a global presence, with products installed in numerous high-profile projects worldwide. Its customizable interior door collection is engineered to integrate seamlessly with Maars’ wall systems. Constructed with high-quality materials, the doors are available in various finishes and configurations, including solid, glass, and acoustic options, catering to diverse design and performance requirements.


19. EZ Concept®, Australia  

photo_credit EZ Concept
EZ Concept

EZ Concept® offers an expanding range of architrave-free architectural finishing products to create modern interiors for residential, industrial, and commercial spaces. Its product range includes the SlideSet flush finish interior pocket door system, which appears to be invisible when it is open, provides privacy when it is closed, and the hardware is concealed, giving a seamless look.


20. raumplus GmbH, Germany  

photo_credit raumplus GmbH
raumplus GmbH

The company raumplus GmbH, founded in 1986 in Bremen, Germany, specializes in developing innovative solutions that combine functionality with modern aesthetics. Over the years, raumplus GmbH has expanded its product portfolio to include sliding doors, room dividers, and custom storage solutions. Its Swing Door Slim Line features a sleek, minimalist design with slim aluminum profiles that maximize the glass surface area, enhancing light transmission and creating an open, airy atmosphere. 


21. heroal, Germany  

photo_credit heroal

The company heroal was founded in 1874, and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminum systems for windows, doors, façades, and roller shutters. It's products are distributed globally, serving a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Its heroal D 82 FP premium fire prevention interior door system features a 5-chamber profile design, providing advanced solutions for fire protection elements. It is available in various configurations, including single and double leaf doors, and can be integrated seamlessly into existing architectural designs.


22. Molteni&C, Italy  

photo_credit Simon Wegener for Molteni&C
Simon Wegener for Molteni&C

Molteni&C was founded in 1934 and specializes in high-end furniture and interior design solutions. Over the decades, Molteni&C has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship, innovation, and collaboration with renowned designers. Its GLISS MASTER interior wardrobe door series in premium materials offers advanced features with a focus on premium materials. A notable feature is the all-glass back panel, encased in a metal frame with a patented hinge that allows for 180-degree opening.


23. ARLU, Belgium  

photo_credit ARLU

ARLU is the manufacturer behind the brand names argenta® for interior solutions and rob® for exterior solutions. The company manufactures products such as the INVISIDOOR 2.0 which offers a seamless integration of door fittings within the door leaf and wall, eliminating visible hardware. The system features a modular aluminum door frame that requires plastering, suitable for both inward and outward opening doors. 


24. Lindner Group, Germany  

photo_credit Lindner Group
Lindner Group

Lindner was founded in 1965 and undertakes highly individual and complex projects, showcasing its professional expertise and commitment to high-quality products. Lindner's extensive product range includes partitions, ceilings, floors, doors, and clean room systems, all designed and produced with a focus on sustainability and quality. It manufactures Lindner Soundproof Interior Doors which boast an excellent sound absorption coefficient of up to 50 dB Rw, making the product ideal for settings where noise control is crucial, such as day care centers and schools. 


25. Luconi, Italy

photo_credit Luconi

Luconi is an Italian manufacturer renowned for its high-quality doors and building products. With a focus on innovation and precision engineering, Luconi offers a diverse range of interior and exterior doors, partition systems, and custom building solutions. The company's products are distinguished by their superior materials, cutting-edge design, and meticulous craftsmanship. Its Luconi interior swing and slide door collection offers a wide range of glass and aluminium doors for the living and working environments.