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Project • By ZEST architectureHousing

Mediterranean Seaside Villa

This project was to be a house for a family with greatly different ideas about what constitutes a house. One parent dreaming of a strikingly modern aesthetic, the other of a traditional house with a sloping roof, and with respect for the rules of Feng Shui. ZEST architecture had to find a way to interpret both these views and create a house that would feel like a home for the entire family. Adrià Goula The villa is located on a plot in the town of Alella, with views both of the Mediterranean, and the city of Barcelona. The design departed from the idea of making the most of the views to all sides. We developed a volumetric concept that is an intricate play with three different materials and various different heights. Because th... More

Project • By HIGUERA ARQUITECTOSPrivate Houses



Project • By Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & PartnersPrivate Houses


In the heart of a clearing in a pine forest sits a long white building. The central patio’s proportions play tricks on the eyes by opening out onto an orange orchard. On each side, an entrance provides access to the upper floor of the Ixos house, which houses the landings, bedrooms and respective bathrooms. Further on, the roofing rises halfway to crown the living areas, while the floor follows the line of the slope downwards to a vertical wall, which frames a view of three scattered islands. To the left, the same roof extends out to the monolith where the kitchen adjoins the covered terrace. The slanting windows look out over the sunset, which casts shadows onto the different walls, including those of the patio. A pond extends around the e... More

Project • By Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & PartnersPrivate Houses


A series of platforms supported by stone walls create an image of horizontal strata across this section of the valley. In the foreground, the living rooms surrounded by terraces are given shade by the overhang. The occupant will be constantly stood up in these rooms taking in the panoramic views over the valley which stretch to the town. Behind, the occupant can wander through the long and narrow area where the bedrooms are located; there he can lie down and appreciate the vast space created by the high ceilings. The bathroom opens up onto a private garden. The bay window which is six metres high separates the bedroom from a colourful area which is exposed to the sky and the patio has three orange trees. The architect has taken care not to... More

Project • By ÁBATONPrivate Houses

Casa del Bolo

Semidetached house. Two floors. This property is part of a housing development of 6 homes. The terrain, the type of vegetation and construction (semidetached) determined the design. The house was elevated over the land in order to preserve the surroundings and the natural course of the water was respected to guarantee the survival of plants and trees. Our client, being an architect, insisted on the importance of privacy and a concrete wall was built for this purpose. The sitting room was designed taking into account the direction of the sun, north to south, to achieve warm light in the winter and coolness in the summer. More

Project • By JAS ARQUITECTURAPrivate Houses


The concrete façade with a curve shape houseplant and a one in five gradient walls make this house unique. The white curve shape of the hose is located at the middle of a pine forest near the Mediterranean coast adapted to the land like a kind of white sculpture. More

Project • By Diametro ArquitectosHousing

The Tres Picos Project

The Tres Picos Project is formed by four block of residences linked with a central corridor that bumps out in the façade to emphasis the main Entrance. The façade of the project is very transparent: the sliding doors are wide to the top and the balconies are made with Irving grillage to lighten the view. In the right side a wood lattice was design to give some privacy to the interior and put on more hierarchy to the main façade. The contrast between stone materials and the transparency of crystal created a simple texture and a warm sensation. This residential project highlights because of the creation of wide and versatile spaces on each apartment. The richness of the architectural design stands on the modularity, while the structural ri... More

Project • By Gallardo Llopis ArquitectosHousing

House on a cove

Single family house, where the project tries to emphasize the landscape and views. The terrace serves as an extension of the program and a place from where to see the Mediterranean ocean. A great wall of stone Zimbabwe divides the program and contributes to the vertical composition. More

Project • By Zucchero ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Siesta Twin Houses

Built on on two identical existing structures, these three-storey glass cube Siesta Houses, were redesigned by the Ibiza based Zuccherodesign Architects who took inspiration from the breathtaking sunset of Santa Eulalia bay. In a small densely inhabited island such as Ibiza, it is a challenge to find a hilltop location near the sea that is free from daily tourist activities. This tranquil feeling of seclusion was the first design objective when positioning the Siesta Houses. The second objective was to bring the feeling of the sea inside the house metaphorically painting the walls with delicate colors to reflect the sunlight. Constructed with open concept interiors (kitchen, dining-room and living-room plus master-suite, all in the m... More

Project • By Estudio Peña GancheguiPrivate Houses

Casa Urrezkoenea

In a plot with a steep slope towards the North, aligned to the coast and therefore with full enjoyment of the view of the Cantabric sea, the building is situated close to the local access road, albeit at sufficient distance to ensure the maximum of sunlight by moving away from the shadow of the adjacent trees. It looks like a departure but, in effect, it is the beginning of a new road, a pedestrian one, which reaches the building as a prelude to the path encircling the field, by gently descending towards the sea below. The physical constraints of the terrain explain both the desire to vanish, as well as the need to shelter, which arises on days, not unusual in that rough part of the coast, when pouring rain together with northwest gale... More

Project • By Javier de AntónPrivate Houses

Country House in Zamora

The plot is shaped like the trunk of a long pyramid in plan, it is almost flan and it measures 2 ha. It is divided in two parts, one, on the north side, covered by a vineyard, and the other, on the lower south side, where there are both deciduous (chestnuts, walnuts) and evergreen trees (pines and Holm oaks). The dwelling is placed in the centre of the plot, dividing it in two like a diaphragm. It is a pure concrete box opened in the middle, where the living is placed, by two large French doors (9 x 2,5 m) in both North and South faces which allow a complete transparency that visually connects the vineyard with the trees. Two interior elements, bathrooms, installations and kitchen, divide the house in a living room at the centre and t... More

Project • By ALT arquitecturaHousing


In a slope raises a two-story house with distinct entrances for each floor. The property is developed as a narrow longitudinal scheme to make the most of garden plot. The volume arises from the main street of the merger of the two branches of access and it develops as a concrete materialization in the first floor which rises to close the volume weightless cantilever. This house is perhaps the most expressive I have done. We wanted that huge concrete surfaces were to fly over the ground, without giving too many clues of structural performance. We were looking for a non logical structure to provide spaces of something magical ... The volume setting has been designed to deceive the intuitive structural sense tells us why things do not fall. C... More

Project • By Vaillo + IrigarayHousing

Casa Q

Many small plots around a golf course, a des-ordered devices external to the individual qualities of the environment, backed, resulting in an almost monstrous mix. Adaptation in key abstraction mimetic. The green totally invaded the facade, and the house disappears: as a large magnifying glass focusing on a piece of grass. Internally a impluvium (water, light and oxygen) define the organization, around which gravitate stays, it becomes all stay home and live it. As in Alice's house, it becomes hole where slip golf balls. More

Project • By Cadaval & Solà-MoralesPrivate Houses

Casa Guinovart Florensa

The project seeks to recuperate the construction values of an old existing vernacular house which was made out of dry stone, a traditional technique of the area of great tectonic value. However the distinctive attributes inherent to this construction technique (compactness, massiveness, minimum openings, obscure interiors, weight) deny the extraordinary environment where it is located: on top of a mountain, with views to 2 different valleys that are faced by the two only façades of the house. The project elaborates on a series of interior horizontal partitions that are supported by two vertical containers that behave both as structural elements and as divisions of the continuous spaces. Those vertical elements generate vertical continu... More