Vaillo + Irigaray
Vaillo + Irigaray

Vaillo + Irigaray

Architects from Calle Etxesakan, 5, Zizur Mayor, Spain
Working method in the office is based on the concept of project strategy, which embraces the widest range of possible scales, from a simple bench to the whole city. It proposes a creative process that will develop founding concepts to be equally applied to management, procedures and design. VAILLO+IRIGARAY ARCHITECTS conceive design from a multifocal perspective, so they deal with matters from diverse points of view to contribute unifying solutions.

Our source of inspiration is the project itself: the client, function, program, financial resources… are just raw materials to creativity. Consequently, every project has a unique personality, every project demands exclusive materials and details: every project requires an investigation process and a precise development, according to specific needs. The office structure is organized in four areas:

eLAB: Experimental laboratory for basic creativity to explore urban, social, cultural needs. It is oriented to generate new patterns of interaction with the world of industry, architecture and art.

I + D + i: Innovation and research with the intention to face the needs in every project according to the world of
industry, construction and arts and crafts.

BRANDing 360°: Platform to promote brand strategy as a 360º process.

PROJECTS: Area for design and definition of urban, architectural and industrial projects.