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Project • By Estudio FUNCIONALLSports Centres


This project was born from the will of the Cabildo, in collaboration with the Vilaflor de Chasna City Council, to improve a local infrastructure whose function is conditioned by the weather of the environment. The general intervention is configured by adapting the needs program to the particularities of the plot on which it sits. The ground laid has an orientation in a practically southeast-northwest longitudinal direction, open on all sides and with access from the southeast corner. The services access to the field is through the southeast corner, through a locksmith gate that is accessed from a transversal to the main road and that separates it from the School and the Church. The rest of the field is free, with a small changing room mod... More


Indoor swimming pool

The object of the project is the construction of two indoor swimming pools, changing rooms and associated services, and a bar-restaurant area. The new building is a rectangular volume, with a metal facade and a sloping roof on a slope, located parallel to the street. The access works through a large exterior lobby where all the accesses to the different areas of the sports centre are centralized. More

Project • By Sehw ArchitekturSports Centres


A three-court gymnasium for the Institute of Sports and Sports Science emerged In the middle of a dense patch of forest on the south campus of KIT, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Situated directly next to the institute’s main building and along one of the renowned ‘spokes’ radiating from the Karlsruhe Palace, it replaces the existing building from the year 1956. Due to its location, the new sports center functions as a subtle link between the campus and the northern Hardtwald. Accordingly, issues relating to environmental conservation were of considerable importance for the project. The interference with nature is minimized through the compact, energy efficient construction. The building was lowered 1 meter into t... More

Project • By Además arquitecturaSports Centres

uVe Saint Agustine´s

The demolition works had already begun before the design stage started. We had to agree to two premises that were requested from the client. First, the roof material which was going to replace de existing one, already worn out, and second, its final height. Since this premise, corrugated black metal was the starting point of the Project. This mixed use demanded a proper articulation between the public and the private program. During the day, the Soccer courts are used by the school students while at night, rented for public use. Therefore architecture should respond to these changing demands. This shifting uses, reconditioning a deteriorated house into a new office, a private loft and the complementary spaces that the sporting activities... More

Project • By arch_itSports Centres

Hybrid sports complex with fencing hall

The building is a new part of the existing School Complex No. 5, which includes the 13th General Secondary School and bilingual secondary school in Wrocław (PL).The design of the gym is a combination of two independently functioning objects in one compact body. On the ground floor there is a separate fencing block available directly from the outside. The complex of sports facilities for the School Complex, which consists of a full-size gymnasium, fitness room, dance hall and gym, and necessary sanitary and locker rooms are located above the fencing block. Communication with the existing wing of the school takes place via a connector suspended over the inner courtyard.The form of the building is completely subordinate to its function. Indivi... More

Project • By Giancarlo Zema Design GroupSports Centres


The large alternating spirals of a “Tridacna” shell emerging from a long sandy beach in Baku have inspired the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema to design an innovative multi-functional sailing centre. The curvaceous 180m long and 60m deep covering, vested in aluminum panels and photovoltaic surfaces, protects the three major 15 and 20m high architectural volumes that accommodate within them a hotel for young students, an entrance hall with cafe, offices, a press room, conference areas, fitness areas, locker rooms for boat crews and a storage area for small craft. A long paved promenade delineates a wide bay and surrounds the sailing school area with adjoining ponds, green areas and a small amphitheater. To enrich the harbour area there are... More