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The demolition works had already begun before the design stage started. We had to agree to two premises that were requested from the client. First, the roof material which was going to replace de existing one, already worn out, and second, its final height.

Since this premise, corrugated black metal was the starting point of the Project.

This mixed use demanded a proper articulation between the public and the private program. During the day, the Soccer courts are used by the school students while at night, rented for public use. Therefore architecture should respond to these changing demands.

This shifting uses, reconditioning a deteriorated house into a new office, a private loft and the complementary spaces that the sporting activities demanded such as a warehouse, a locker room and a kitchen, led us to the final shape.

A new volume was created complementary to the existing one, conceiving an exterior self-determined space between both volumes. Perceived not only as a hallway but also as a visual frame towards the adjacent soccer courts.

The bigger volume contains the most relevant use, the office and the private loft. On the one hand, the office is in close relation to the public areas and the soccer courts while on the other, the loft, has its own patio and maintains its privacy, hiding the front door within the external facade.

Corrugated metal is the main material, cladding the roof and the entire exterior facade at the same time.

Both volumes are attached together by the natural extension (continuity) of the roof pitch and its structure, covered by translucent corrugated plastic. Both sides together create a “V” shape canopy, giving a sense of harmony. Rather than closing in, it´s shape and materials create a feeling of freedom and openness.

Concrete, corrugated metal, plastic sheets and brick are the main materials of the Project.

Structural and material expression combines towards a simple and “technological” architecture.

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Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros
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Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros

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Kampos, Paros, Greece - Build completed in 2016
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