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NewsNews • 16 Jul 2021

Innauer Matt Architekten completes daycare in the Austrian Rhine Valley with subtle detailing

The two-storey structure is finished with refined wood detailing by Innauer Matt Architekten in a delicate architectural language. The local wood surfaces are completed with metal window frames. The compact kindergarten volume conceals a multi-layered inner world. Adolf Bereuter The first level is made from stiffening reinforced concrete core walls. On top of that a prefabricated timber construction of prefabricated wall and ceiling elements. Adolf Bereuter The building was built as a mixed construction of wood and concrete, which can meet today's energetic and ecological requirements, especially regarding sustainability. A basic structure of stiffening core walls is supplemented by prefabricated wall and ceiling elements made o... More

Product • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO™ is available in a number of wood types such as pine, spruce, oak, larch, cedar tree, birch, ash, maple, poplar and in plywood as spruce, birch and poplar. The wood products are manufactured in accordance with the European Commission Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011 and performance certified and CE certified according to EN14915:2013 and EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Woodsafe PRO™ is a flame retardant wood method for interior and exterior use. The actual performance of the flame retardant wood panel takes place in an industrial vacuum pressure impregnation process, and associated fixation of the fire retardant in the wood cell structure is achieved through the KDAT process. Manufacturing is done according to o... More

Product • By WoodtoneRealPost


Designed by builders and preferred by engineers as a structurally certified product, RealPostTM has become the new standard in single-family and multifamily applications. Manufactured from premium locally sourced SPF that has been finger-jointed, edge-laminated and pressed, the final product is warranted against warping, twisting and joint separation. Contact us for custom length availability. More

NewsNews • 6 Jul 2020

Powerhouse and de Zwarte Hond complete Assen train station with striking triangular wooden roof

Powerhouse Company in collaboration with de Zwarte Hond cleaned up the transport flows by implementing a new platform tunnel for pedestrians, restorating and shortening of the existing bicycle tunnel, adding a new car tunnel and an underground bicycle shed. This allowed for the new train station to become an inviting pedestrian friendly plaza that opens up towards the city of Assen. Egbert de Boer “The shape of the canopy was created by placing an apparently simple triangle on the site, with a slight slope at the entrance of the underground bicycle shed and a curve at the level of the tracks. This has created an elegant, almost floating structure that responds on all sides to its context.” - Nanne de Ru, Founder Powerhou... More

Project • By Zeller & MoyePrivate Houses

Haus Koeris

Haus Koeris is a private home that is situated among tall pine trees on a lot near a lake in close proximity to Berlin. As a structure entirely made of wood, the building is elevated from the ground to minimise the impact on the land and to avoid contact with the seasonally damp soil. The irregular shape of the house stems from the position of existing trees. Five boxes are arranged in a staggered layout with the individual rooms overlapping each other allowing for connections between them. The shifts in the floor plan create small patios and green niches along the building‘s perimeter. Some of these alcoves are sheltered from wind or hidden from views, others capture the sun and thus create pleasant microclimates. The recesses give t... More

Product • By Global Shop Design GmbHSideboard Jarla Color 300

Sideboard Jarla Color 300

The sideboard can be made in different versions according to our color palette. The sideboard mainly consists of MDF, solid oak and spruce wood. The outer borders are covered with a special organic surface structure. The vertical shelf can be ordered with or without Optiwhite glass surfaces (4 mm).   Material Used :MDF coated, solid oak, spruce wood, leather, glas, metal More

Product • By Global Shop Design GmbHRack Jarla Color 100

Rack Jarla Color 100

The rack can be made in different colors according to our color palette. The form and support frame, as well as the shelves, are made of MDF and solid oak. The sliders are made of hardboard and covered with a special organic colored surface.   Material: MDF coated, solid oak, spruce wood, leather, glas, metal More

Product • By Global Shop Design GmbHHighboard Jarla Color 200

Highboard Jarla Color 200

The highboard can be made according our the color palette. The shape and support as well as the shelves are made of MDF and solid oak. The outer borders choose hard fiber from personal restrictions. The sliders are closed from hardboard and with a special organic surface structure. The contract storage area consists of darkened and hardened Parsol glass (6mm).   Material:MDF coated, solid oak, spruce wood, leather, glas, metal More

Project • By Kern ArchitektenNurseries

Haus für Kinder K

The compact new building of the Kaufbeuren day-care centre blends harmoniously into the surrounding residential area of multi-storey buildings, in which the building's appropriate volume picks up the proportions of the neighbourhood. An internal air space divides the simple cube into two parts. By offsetting the two parts of the building, external pergolas are created on two sides of the façade to the north and south. Due to the solid wood construction, the building is ecologically, sustainably and recyclably manufactured. High-quality surfaces made of local spruce wood create pleasant acoustics and a healthy environment for the youngest visitors. The character of the warm wooden room shell is continued in the adjacent arcades. This... More

Project • By Buero Philipp Moeller BPMPrivate Houses

Ménage á trois

A farm complex consisting of a farmhouse, a barn, and a washhouse was transformed into three original, striking residential units. It was important to underscore the original character of the individual structures. In the old farmhouse, existing materials such as lime plaster and old spruce wood floorboards were restored, and the original quarry stone kitchen wall was exposed.   The deliberate simplicity of the rooms and the natural lighting exude an almost monastic tranquility and make the historic legacy of the house palpable. The barn is still an open space, but has been converted into a generous loft. The large window to the east offers a view of Marquartstein Castle. An extension was added to the washhouse. Large openings toward... More

Project • By noa* network of architectureVisitor Center

Südtirol Home

Is it possible to taste, smell and feel a country? Yes, it is. With the finest nuances, noa* brings the Südtirol-Home’ guests in Antholz on an exciting olfactory and visual journey of discovery through South Tyrol.     South Tyrol - a term that describes over a thousand things, was recently translated into architectural form for the occasion of the 51st Biathlon World Cup in Antholz, where top athletes, celebrities, politicians, organizers and visitors gather. Surrounding a kind of “village square” are 10 buildings, the largest of which is the Südtirol-Home, which will be the home of guests, winners and journalists in this top-class sports event 2020, who, above all, are intended to be able to do one... More

Project • By Bob Gysin Partner BGPOffices

Crèche Beluga

This unobtrusive modular timber structure is the first of three new buildings planned for the Wagerenhof Foundation in Uster. It accommodates a crèche, where inclusivity, tolerance and instilling self-confidence are paramount. Differentiated interior and outdoor spaces create a reassuring and stimulating atmosphere for children with or without impairments from the age of three months until they start nursery school. Dominique Wehrli PART OF THE WAGERENHOFThe foundation offers people with cognitive impairments a place to live in, which can be adapted to many different needs. The establishment, which has grown and developed over the decades, now has the character of a village. The crèche stands on the southern part of the... More

Project • By destilat _ architecture + designWineries

Wine manufactury Clemens Strobl

Best Large Workspace Worldwide: destilat wins London’s renowned Dezeen Award 2020 with its project Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl and prevails over competing projects from around the world.   The top-class expert jury consisting of Norman Foster, Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects, Konstantin Grcic, Daniel Liebeskind, Joep van Lieshout, Paola Navone, and 70 further experts from the worlds of architecture, art, and design chose the best of the best from 4,300 submissions in the fields of architecture, interior, and design in the three-stage selection process.   Winner Large Workspacedestilat was the only Austrian design studio among the final 13 on the shortlist of the interior category. Ultimately, destilat a... More

Project • By Pedevilla ArchitectsPrivate Houses

ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina

The ciAsa (Rhaeto-Romanic for house) is a high-alpine family home in South Tyrol's St.Vigil, surrounded by the Dolomites of Val Badia. It stands on a gentle hill, right next to a thermal spring. Based on the archaic form of a house, no distinction is made between roof and façade. The rising form of the roof makes the building visible from afar, while at the same time the low eaveslines also provide protection. The shape of the trapezoid appears as a recurring element in the overall design. To illuminate the interiors, thetrapezoidal dormers are used as well as a skylight, whose light shines into the house in a cone-like shape.   The three overground floors are entirely made from the wood that fell on 30 October 2018 during he... More

Project • By bernath+widmerPrimary Schools

Double Kindergarten Glattfelden

In a row of gardens, the new building in line with the street, nestles itself up against the steep hillside south of the historic village center.   The Location in a ISOS listed townscape area (federal inventory of protected built sites of national importance) was decisive for the new edifice. It is identifiable as a public building by its defined surfaces, its silhouette and by its plasticity.   Single-floored and through its openings, the building develops an intensive relation to the private exterior spaces, which reach inwards. The garden is shaped by the positioning of the building with a street facade and a garden facade, by paved paths and squares and by hedges and big trees.   The building forms plastically dif... More