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Project • By BEGABus stations

Golden Eye Station, Graz

Graz Main Station is being converted into a modern transport hub as part of an infrastructure project. By 2020, an urban transport centre will emerge around the station belt and the “Europaplatz” in Austria’s second largest city. A key component of this project is a newly designed station forecourt with a large canopy. Dubbed the “Golden Eye” by the citizens of Graz, the oval roof structure links the station concourse with the bus stops and protects the entrances to the tram stops situated underground. Because the station building is listed as a historic monument, the oval canopy had to be designed as a self-supporting and independent element. Like the extravagant shape, the choice of material is also unusual... More

Project • By GROUP AUrban Green Spaces


The transformation of the Utrecht Station Area is in full swing. Restructuring both infrastructure and urban layout aims for connecting the east and west side of the tracks in an obstacle-free manner. The new Station Passage, and the new Rabo-bridge will literally bridged this physical barrier caused by the railway tracks. In addition the raised ground pedestrian platform at level with the terminal - The Forum South, will organise and guide the passenger flows in a logical way.Connecting and stayingDevelopment of the Utrecht Station Area focuses around the themes ‘connecting’ and ‘staying’. Within this context the Forum organises and guides the passenger flows from the station to the surrounding destinations, includi... More

Project • By GROUP ATransports

Harderwijk Railway Station

The entire area around the Harderwijk railway station has been overhauled to prepare for the new Randstadspoor metropolitan railway network, which will be integrated in the future. The former single-floor intersection between traces and main traffic structure has been replaced by a new tunnel at a new location. This tunnel connects motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to the various sections of the town, as well as providing access to the railway platforms. The square in front of the railway station links all station-related uses and services and serve to regulate pedestrian traffic. The centre of the square features a staircase, designed in warm and attractive natural stone, further enhances its aesthetic appeal. The wide and low stairs, of... More

Project • By Team V ArchitectureMasterplans


CollaborationArchitectural and landscape design by ZuidPlus Architects, a collaboration between Team V Architectuur, Zwarts Jansma Architecten and Bosch SlabbersClientZuidPlus; a combination of Fluor, Heijmans and HOCHTIEF ProgrammeThe widening and partial underground installation of the A10 South motorway in Amsterdam and the expansion and modernization of the Amsterdam Zuid station.Zuidasdok is a project of Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail and the municipality of Amsterdam. It will improve the accessibility of the Amsterdam Zuidas district and the northern part of the Randstad, both by public transport and by road. This will partly be achieved by expanding Amsterdam Zuid Station. The station will become a compact and high-quality public transport... More

Project • By Posad spatial strategiesParks/Gardens

Public transport node Voorburg

The station area of Voorburg may be regarded as one of the most important transportation hubs of the Haaglanden district. In the eighties, railroads and highway were elevated and tram, bus and city traffic were positioned beneath the viaduct. This improved the flow of traffic, but at the same time divided historic city structures. In the years to come, several attempts were made to mend this scar but it became clear the solution should entail an emphasis on quality. The promenade Offers a robust and secure pedestrian route between the historic center and the Binckhorst business park. The 600 metre long route structures and connects the different functions of the transport hub with landscape and park. Instead of denying the large ove... More