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Product • By Pablo DesignsCandel


Inspired by a cone of light, Candél’s graceful vessel-like silhouette is in perfect harmony with its surroundings allowing the environment to filter through.  Candél casts a warm, intimate candle-like glow that’s sure to seduce and become the central focus of any social gathering. Candél is a fully rechargeable portable LED light designed for both indoors and outdoors.  More

Product • By LuceplanNui Mini Outdoor - Table Lamp

Nui Mini Outdoor - Table Lamp

Part of the Nui family, Nui mini - Table Lamp translates its inspiration and design into a rechargeable table version. Offered in three colors for the top (white, greige and sand), it has a base in transparent crystal that contributes to create a sophisticated game of reflections.The use of the volumes is similar to that of the outdoor floor lamps, but in this case there is only one variant. The lamp is also ideal for indoor settings.Nui Mini is a product with its own identity, though it is part of a family, precisely because it can be used by private clients in a completely different, also domestic context. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Table Lamp

Fortebraccio - Table Lamp

Fortebraccio - Table Lamp sets new standards of efficiency and practicality for desk lamps. The central joint allows the two arms to rotate independently on the horizontal and vertical axes, guaranteeing great fluidity of movement even in extreme and unusual positions. The polycarbonate grip enables users to maneuver the lamp simply and manageably.The LED version provides impressive efficiency and warm white light. A lens connected to the heat sink makes it possible to adjust the light beam from a minimum of 45° to a maximum of 80°. More
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Portsea House

'A previously dated but solidly built 90’s style house with ‘good bones’ has been renovated with minimal structural changes but with a comprehensive interior design program. Our clients purchased a large, solidly built and well-located beach house. However, the kitchen was impractical, the large bar unnecessary and the finishes were colourful – the house had the sensibility of a 90’s office interior rather than a home near the beach. Our repeat clients trusted we would give the house a more relaxed and warm feel as well as creating practical spaces for a family that likes to cook and entertain.  As the house was quite large we had sufficient space to enlarge the kitchen and include the client’s sele... More

Product • By LuceplanFienile - Table Lamp

Fienile - Table Lamp

Fienile, a table lamp inspired by the image of simple rural haylofts in Norway, featuring a low pitched roof and central/lateral walls in satin-finish anodized aluminium. A work of micro-architecture that projects soft, warm light from above onto a lower surface, giving rise to unusual compositions of brightness and shadow. The light slides along the lateral walls with a wall-washer effect, created by the LED sources with dimmers, by means of a touch function. More

Product • By LODESValentina


Valentina is a family of lamps characterised by a transparent methacrylate lampshade diffuser embellished by special prismatic workmanship designed to amplify the light. Available in a suspension, wall and table version, Valentina lamps are perfect for infusing spaces with a soft and romantic atmosphere. More

Product • By LODESEasy Peasy

Easy Peasy

With a strong personality and a sculptural form reminiscing the shape of bells, Easy Peasy is a set of portable and rechargeable table lamps, consisting of two rounded elements, a body and a knob. Made of blown glass, Easy Peasy allows for personal customisation of the living spaces. Its portability, different shapes and colours, and the dim-to-warm functionality of its light source allow users to connect, play and interact with the variable configuration options. More
Articolo Lighting Milan 2019
Articolo Lighting Milan 2019
Articolo Lighting Milan 2019
Articolo Lighting Milan 2019
Articolo Lighting Milan 2019

Project • By Articolo LightingTrade Shows

Articolo Milan 2019

Articolo Milan 2019, designed by Studio Goss as a quiet refuge from the surrounding noise of one of the largest trade fairs in the world. The internal space is partially concealed to passers-by with a single light fitting anchoring a deeply recessed entry portal, further delineated with a steel threshold and over-scaled walls conveying a sense of mass and solidity.   Photography by Willem-Dirk du Toit   More

Project • By Articolo LightingShowrooms

Articolo New York Showroom

Articolo New York Showroom designed by Studio Goss. David Goss a longtime collaborator with Articolo, perfectly informs Articolo spaces with his sensitive design approach, exploration of artisanal architectural brilliance and sophistication. The space is informed by a neutral palette, layered materiality and quiet confidence, allowing the Articolo lights to shine and celebrate the 'art of light'. More

Product • By Articolo LightingMoni Table Lamp

Moni Table Lamp

Moni is an innovative and dynamic collection, its monochromatic palette softened by a gentle, fluid form that is perfectly complemented in proportion and balance. The white glass dipped detail providing artisanal brilliance. More

Product • By AngoUnit (table-R)

Unit (table-R)

Luxuriously stripped-down electro native lighting, where the structure evokes a flattened sphere or mini world.  The structure is then clad with around one kilometre of superfine rattan in a random weave developed by Ango.   When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great light translucency and reflectivity. Product name: Unit (table-R) ref: TL15937  Type: Mains voltage table light Lamp base type: E27/E26 screw fitting  Lamp Type: LED Filament 8W  Diffuser material: Rattan Base material: Hand finished stainless steel with copper Size: 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 240 mm H  12 in W x 12 in D x 9.5 in H Packaging  size: 380 mm W x 380 mm D x 260 mm H  15 in W x 15 in D x 10 in H   More

Product • By Axolightorchid - table

orchid - table

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps, suspended lamps and floor lamps in aluminium painted matt white and matt sand. Available in several versions. Built-in LED light source. More

Project • By Listen CommunicationRestaurants

Nampa House

Nampa House is a restaurant that originated from a homemade food that has been descended over 200 years within a noble family. The designer has taken inspiration from the nature surrounding the old house of Nampa and its everyday objects. Naju where Nampa house is located is known for traditional craftmanship including weaving, carpentry, dyeing, and basketry. These local traditional characteristics are also applied to the design such as a translucent curtain which resembles weaved linen. The curtain divides the hall and room allowing psychological communication with the hall area while offering privacy for the room. The overall design of the hall is intended to bring nature inside. There are rocks and scenery of mountains along with objec... More

Product • By Articolo LightingFizi Table Lamp Tall

Fizi Table Lamp Tall

The Fizi Ball collection’s glass balls are heavy, luxurious and bursting with an explosion of bubbles that, when lit, throw dramatic patterns and movement into the surrounding space and onto the walls. More

Product • By Articolo LightingFizi Table Lamp Short

Fizi Table Lamp Short

The Fizi Ball collection’s glass balls are heavy, luxurious and bursting with an explosion of bubbles that, when lit, throw dramatic patterns and movement into the surrounding space and onto the walls. More