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Product • By PEDRALIConcrete 855

Concrete 855

Concrete is characterized by a base that, even optically, suggests a sense of stability. Table with concrete base and steel column. Available combined with tops of different sizes and finishes. More

Product • By TeknionMitis Table

Punt - Mitis Table

Mitis, from the Latin word for lightweight, is a collection of rectangular wood tables. Mitis is available with an optional glass top that offers a natural, essential and consistent expression. Mitis offers a solid appearance and exquisite detail both in the tabletop and trestle-like grooved legs. Tables are available in three heights and widths to accommodate both private offices and large meeting rooms. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaFlûte


Elegant and light like the namesake glass, Flûte table takes different personalities according to the chosen material and colour combinations: from the top in lacquered glass, Materia, wood, ceramic or hpl, to the base in lacquered or polished chrome metal. More

Product • By La TavolaDining Table

Dining Table

According to the company, the table of the future will increasingly become the center of conviviality par excellence. Designed around the concept of enjoying the company of one’s dining companions, ‘cooking for and with friends’, it offers a unique shared culinary experience.Design, technology and functionality are blended to express elegance, refinedness and modernity.A new frontier of hospitality, a mise en place that abandons the idea of a traditional and formal welcome. The age of linen tablecloths, silverware, crystal glasses and stiff, formal service has come to an end in favor of a warm, welcoming atmosphere, at the same time modern and technology-driven.This is the objective of The Dining Table: minimal, modern design with a technol... More

Product • By Plart DesignIris


Cubic POUF available in 2 size and with lighting. It can also be used as table.Thoughtfully designed, this product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.Available in various versions making it an easy addition to any environment. More

Product • By Plart DesignFelix


Delightful POUF also available with lighting.Thoughtfully designed, this product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.Available in various versions making them an easy addition to any environment. More

Product • By A&B Rosa dei LegniRio Storto Table

Rio Storto Table

Solid wood table with reclaimed old oak top, second patina, dried out, brushed with tynex brushes and plugged with iron stabilizing rods on the underside of the table. Water painted – rough effect, waterproofer, finished with natural wax. Options: cracks top or stuccoed top; original top edges or trimmed top edges.Angle legs in reclaimed old oak and handmade burnished iron. Adjustable little feet on legs bottom. More

Product • By Bross ItalyBeleos


Expression of the decorative value of the wood, expertly paired with fine materials, Beleos tables collection, Lombard name that evokes the concept of "family head", is born from an elegant combination of important details. Key element of the project is the structure, conceived as a real genetic matrix. From the variation of its measures, which keeps unchanged the proportions, creates in fact a family of tables of different dimensions and a coffee table line, ideal for residential and contract areas.The structure consists of a metal "beam", made of two profiles arranged in parallel and joined by cylindrical spacers, and legs in solid wood, tapered and inclined to have a great refinement effect. Their variable section offers different prospe... More

Product • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignShiba Reception Desk by Nüvist

Shiba Reception Desk by Nüvist

The work focuses on using minimal lines and forms to design very simple product. So we decided to use only lines to create a non solid form. Motion of curvy sketch lines transform into dynamic simple geometry of a fluid form. Soft curve lines balance together to explore the relationship between ergonomic usage and aesthetic design. All these curve lines, fluid form and smooth transitions represent the lightness of space with a single form.  More

Product • By Arper SPAMeety


Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Meety borrows its visual language from the architecture of the bridge: strong but lightweight, supportive but with room for air. Meety’s distinctive aluminum legs provide a sturdy foundation to suspend multiple tabletop options that can be customized to suit diverse contexts. For large group gatherings or the intimacy of home life, Meety’s elegant system has an option to suit any need: a soft, fluid boat shape imparts warmth and openness while the trapezoid tabletop shape can be arranged to meet the myriad demands of the workplace. New for 2017, Meety’s dynamic system expands even further with new finishes and customizations. Thick and substantial smoked glass tabletop options in round or boat-sha... More

Product • By Studio LocherBladed Blue Side Table

Bladed Blue Side Table

A beautiful range of perspex coffee tables with coloured perspex edges. More

Product • By Arper SPAWim


A quintessential form, pared down to its most elegant components, Wim is a collection of companion piece tables to Arper’s seating catalog. Compact in form, but expansive in use, Wim can act alone, or pair in groups for commercial or contract contexts while still retaining its archetypal identity. Wim joins Arper as a collection of tables designed to complete the sentence of Arper’s seating options. Durable materials like aluminum, high-pressure laminate and wood create a sturdy construction of an adaptable form available in round (started from Ø 60 cm), square (started from 60 X 60 cm), or rectangular (started from 70X140 cm). An aluminum cross base supports the integrity of the silhouette to create a form that can be repeated for... More

Product • By De CastelliPlacas


Placas is a collection of coffee table designed for indoor settings. The project is a combination of three circle segments, having the same dimension, that complete the circular figure, keeping on sight, in the empty spaces, the support structure and the legs. The sophisticated simplicity of the project, besides highlighting the pattern, allow ample space to the expressivity of the material, worked and folded. The Placas tables are the result of a contemporary project that consider the ease of assembly, dismantle and packaging, intrinsic and inescapable qualities. Materials: natural black sheet, délabré iron, délabré brass Dimensions: - ø 60 h 45 cm - ø100 h 30 cm More

Project • By PEDRALIRestaurants

Contraste restaurant

Many products from the Pedrali collection chosen for the Contraste restaurant of the chef Matias Perdomo Mornico al Serio, February 9 th, 2016 - Many products from the Pedrali collection were chosen as part of the decor for Contraste, the new Milan-based restaurant from Uruguayan chef Matias Perdomo, Argentinian sous-chef Simon Press and Italian maître Thomas Piras. A restaurant where contrast is king and classic rules are turned upside down: the menu is a mirror that reflects the guest's image, to emphasize that it is he at the centre of attention and not the chef, and that his culinary desires will be indulged. It does not flaunt its presence with bright windows or big signs. You won't come across it by chance. Diners enter, in fact,... More

Product • By molocantilever table

cantilever table

cantilever table, available in both sitting and standing height, can stretch and flex to almost any size and shape, then fold away for efficient storage. cantilever table paper fans open and connects magnetically to itself, making set up and take down simple. The circular tops, available in a sustainable, engineered wood or white Carrera marble, create a sense of equality and community amongst coworkers. The glass pencil holder acts as a spindle for the sketching circles accessory, a wonderful way to share ideas and drawings amongst collaborators. Multiple bases may also be magnetically connected, allowing cantilever table to be manipulated to create versatile forms for collaborative, creative workspaces. Sold in sets of six, the modular we... More