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Project • By DOTMINIMALOffices

The Open Play

The site was an old office setup working within a typical roomed residential plan. In contrast, the handed design programs prompted to have a more collaborative behavior of work. Hence, the design demanded liberal planning.   Challenged by the existing room structure, the first move was to strip down all feasible internal walls allowing the space to breathe. Doing so would allow in getting a sense of the actual floor available to deploy a design program, enabling dialogue across the floor, visually and literally. Later, along with walls, many other existing elements were taken down, which need not support the collective design aspect. All the existing cluttered windows having busy metal grills were replaced with solid teak wood frame... More

Project • By makeAsceneApartments

TEAK Jenga

Teak is a collection of low-rise residential developments generally found in the central of Bangkok. As a debut of the series, the Architect explores the essence of teakwood and its natural touch to be applied to this vertical dwelling.    The project is located on an artery of Bangkok urbanscape. The planning turns its side to the street with an 8-storey solid volume to the entrance. This stack of aluminum boxes acts as a landmark for guests. This is as well a reaction to the urban surroundings, also a shelter for the units from the hectic context. The rooms are arrayed in U-shape to form an inner court which featured the main facilities of the project: a pocket garden, a swimming pool, and a gym. This main floor is elevated fr... More

Project • By architecture.SEEDPrivate Houses

In.X-Hale Residence

The In.X-Hale Residence is a private home for a family of three, located in the countryside with plenty of coconut trees and surrounded by lush paddy fields.    The focus of the project was to respond to the context of the site and its climatic aspects while keeping in mind the clients requirement of a simple home in a serene environment. Hence, the insertion of a building in this context needed to ensure two things - that the perennial wind-flow in the site remains unobstructed and the spaces within the house connect to the natural elements around it. Strategically, two nodes in the form of courtyards were identified along the direction of the wind as points where both these concerns could meet.   The primary node which... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


Size: 6000 sq. ft. Located in a picturesque Parsigated community, in the suburbs of Mumbai, the House of two Courtyards is enveloped by green open space, a luxury available to but a selected few in the city. Surrounded primarily by single storey bungalows and open grounds, the house is rewarded with uninterrupted views of perennial verdant landscape.   The 6000 sq ft house, home to a young couple and their children, sits abutting the already existing home inhabited by the couple’s parents with only a common garden separating the 2 structures. Taking advantage of this uniquely advantageous site condition, the house orients itself, rather unconventionally, not to the front facing the communal greens but rather to the existing fa... More

Project • By Cacau Ribeiro InterioresPrivate Houses

Forest House / Casa do Bosque

Following the theme “house alive”, our cabin was projected for the CASACOR 2018 in a way that everything would be used and enjoyed. We wanted to provide stimulus for people´s five senses, through smells, sounds, natural materials, plants and lighting. All perfectly measured to increase the feeling of well-being of those living there.   We used wooden brise soleils and frames with glass to create virtual limits and bring the green into our cabin giving people the idea that they were out there in the woods.   We carefully curated design pieces, art and furniture that would perfectly mix simplicity and sophistication for a couple that loves enjoying nature but also demand comfort. A house alive, full of good mem... More

Project • By NO Architects Designers and Social ArtistsPrivate Houses

House of three courts

This is the second experimental house in a series of  living breathing houses, which explores climatic response for the tropics. The site is a typical barren urban plot located near Edapally, Eranakulam, South India. Due to the location in the tropics,  local winds and driving rains, so characteristic of tropical weather gets amplified at the site. The site has an area of 5.6 Cents. Area of the building is 2786.84 SqFt.   A natural earthen palette of polished concrete flooring and teakwood, with bright colours on the furniture and lampshades, in hues of magenta, yellow and green was used for the interiors. The furniture and the lampshades were also designed and fabricated by the architects, in their workshops. The skill and... More

Project • By CO-APPrivate Houses

Woollahra Courtyard House

A new four bedroom home has been designed for an empty nester couple and three generations of extended family visitors. Built on the site of a 1970s single storey courtyard house, the former dwelling was designed with a gabled roof in keeping with a neighbouring weatherboard cottage which presently no longer exists. Taking cues from its predecessor the new house is planned around a courtyard and responds to its current neighbouring context of two storey dwellings.   A series of skylights and clerestory windows puncture the concrete roof over the ground floor allowing daylight deep into living spaces and internal rooms. The geometry of these punctures follows the form of the upper storey, of which the parallelogram plan aims at retain... More

Project • By studio asriRestaurants

Monsieur Spoon Ubud

The first idea for the concept for this project is actually coming from the owner, an artisan baker whom likes to highlights ‘artisan’ into the design. To get the natural and tropical concept, we use exposed cement texture as the main material then combine it with woods. We minimalize the use of fabricated materials, to maintain the ‘artisan’ concept.   Divided into three areas, Monsieur Spoon Ubud offers three different ambiance for its space. First is at the front terrace, using a patio concept, semi-outdoor sitting area overlooking the main road. Second is inside, used as food display areas, dining area, and as well as a main kitchen. The third is located at the back, used as open outdoor dining with a gard... More

Project • By MuseLABOffices

Bombay Shirts Headquarters

This is a 4000 sft office that we designed and executed in 40 days flat. Akshay Narvekar came to us with a space in the Mafatlal Mills having 13' feet height, coffered ceilings and gorgeous arched windows along the periphery. The office is designed like a co-working space with large tables. A central transformative space has a largish living room like feel with a 10' island like bar in pink tiles which also serves as a library. The flooring in this space is a cubist pattern similar to what is in the pantry, which has an equally cheerful palette.    The coffered ceiling is sealed with a neutral grey colour, the walls are in a distressed finish and the rest of the office floor is covered with a cementitious grey tile. La... More

Project • By PDC ArchitectsOffices

Pramukh Real Estate LLP

To design a space with minimal and contemporary approach was the desire expressed by the clients to achieve the same, the coporate office was furnished with bold, natural and high quality materials like teak wood, concrete, metal, brick, glass.   Instead of designing it into cubicals and compartments, minimum height furniture was designed and used as a space dividers giving an open and continous feel to space. Privacy was achieved using glass, which allows visual connectivity and at the same time dividing the space where needed.   Material Used: 1. Exposed concrete ceiling with veener frames and furniture was used. 2. Teak wood Veener was used for low height furniture, which was used as space dividers, giving an open and con... More

Project • By LABVERTApartments


When Stephan Vary and hisarchitecture and design studio Labvert were recently contracted to redecorate at apartment at anineteenth-century building in the 8 th district of Vienna, there is a special challenge in store for them. The clients were friends of Vary's, a cosmopolitan couple with residences in Paris and Vienna and a great passion for design. This undoubtedly made the assignment. The result is a uniquely holistic approach in architecture, layout organization and furniture design harmonize perfectly. Instead of a heterogeneous mix-and-match, all materials, colors and shapes are meticulously coordinated throughout the entire apartment.Taking inspiration from the mid-century style, the overall concept pays tribute to the heyday of int... More

Project • By Buro 108Apartments

Wellton Part Apartments

We designed this interior for a family of four members: parents and their two children, four- and seven-year-old boys.   From the beginning the apartment was overloaded with room partitions that occupied too many square meters. Therefore we decided to demolish literally everything and to start from scratch. Another challenge was the orientation of windows, many of them were facing the north. The rooms were dark and looked smaller than they really are. In order to fill them with air and light we had to use a lot of white color in the wall décor.   The family requested a big living room where they could spend time together. There are many premises in this apartment, all of them relatively small in size. The ideal solution... More

Project • By Architecture DisciplineResidential Landscape

A 39

Set in New Delhi, A 39 is a contemporary dwelling, reflecting on the family legacy. The third-floor apartment is renovated, extended and punctured to connect with a timber cabin on the rooftop. This is flanked by the formal garden on one side and a water body with a fountain on the other. The client belongs to an old Rajasthani family with a lot of ancestral heirlooms such as art, artefacts, silverware, glassware etc.  The brief was to take the general theme of a typical builder apartment where materials that generally feel expensive and rich such as Italian marble are taken, but generally tend to hesitate around everything else. Thus, the design intent was to heighten and exaggerate such materials. Aranmula mirror, the traditional mir... More

Project • By SDM ArchitectsBars

Sea Yah Floating Restaurant

This is, in a sense, an adaptive re-use project. We took a no-frills river cruise boat in Instanbul, shipped it to India, and turned it into a high-end floating restaurant in Mumbai.The boat has four levels. The main level houses two 75-seat restaurant/banqueting spaces that are separated by a sliding wall. The upper deck has an open-air bar, a dance lounge, and a VIP room designed to feel like a living space in a luxury yacht. The topmost level has an open-to-sky deck with panoramic views all around. The lowest level houses engine rooms, the galley, toilets, and crew living spaces.We selected a palette of materials drawn from India’s rich maritime history; Indian Teak wood, and brass. On the main level, the design challenge was to make a l... More

Project • By Alok Kothari ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Brick Abode

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, this 3,600 sq.ft. site hosted a 25-year-old single storey house. Unfortunately, we decided to bring down this structure as it was in a dilapidated state, its interiors were gloomy & also, it wasn’t a vaastushastra (traditional Hindu science of architecture) compliant house – which was the client’s main requirement.   Study of the site surroundings & the existing structure showed that the main reasons for the existing house being dull & dark were the parking+3 storey bungalow on the east side of the site that was cutting off the morning sun & small opening sizes which didn’t allow enough light to penetrate into the house. In order to cater to this issue, we decided to anchor all th... More