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Project • By KICK.OFFICEApartments


Renewing the spaces of an apartment from the 1930s in an elegant balance between innovation and conservation is the concept behind a project for a residential interior. The few original elements of the period that had been well preserved over time have been re-inserted in a completely new and timeless context. Allegra Martin Allegra Martin In a large living area, dominated by the black terrazzo floor, an American walnut structure frames the operating space of the kitchen, in which black Marquina marble and ad hoc walnut doors are the main players. Lacquered panels, perforated brass plates and amber glass alternate completing the interface between the two spaces. Allegra Martin Allegra Martin In the bedroom, a light par... More

Project • By KICK.OFFICEApartments


A fascinating building from the first half of the last century housed a fairly large apartment but with unusual proportion rooms. The project is based on a careful work of connecting rooms, reusing spaces, recovering existing furnishings and finishes while inserting new textures and materials. The large entrance becomes the appropriate space to host a small home library and the walls of the kitchen towards the corridor and living room dematerialize allowing new connections. Family life takes place around a wooden structure which frames the passages. Giulia Benedetta Costa Giulia Benedetta Costa Giulia Benedetta Costa Giulia Benedetta Costa A vibrant brick color identifies the passage spaces where a pivot door protects t... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2022

Renesa designs a Delhi eatery in a striking material palette of terrazzo and terracotta

Tucked in a former Indian restaurant in a premium shopping mall in Saket, Delhi, ‘Rosie and Tillie’ is a joint venture of millennial business owners, Vicky Mandal and chef Anukriti Anand. Designed by local architecture design and interior studio Renesa, the restaurant's inspiration for its vision emerges from providing guests with an iconic hospitality venue that is symbolic of the intersection of day brunch and cocktail bar.  Niveditaa Gupta The cafe expounds on the dichotomy of a woman referred to as Rosie in the morning and Tillie in the evening, two evolving entities who infuse the place with their binary yet coexistent character.  Niveditaa Gupta A sculptural spine streamlines the interiors spa... More

NewsNews • 14 Nov 2022

The Atrium by Smith Hanes Studio is an enchanting coalescence of flora, colours and luxury

Launched earlier this year inside the Ponce City Market in the Old Fourth ward neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia, the atrium bar and restaurant by Smith Hanes Studio is an eclectic little getaway from everyday life.  Tim Lenz Taking inspiration from vibrant French cafes and Art Deco buildings, the design celebrates floral art, whimsy and zest. The restaurant comprises two distinct parts, the Parlour, a 1200sqft bar room and the Bistro, a 4000sqft spacious dining room. A palette of rich greens, pink and gold creates a dreamy yet vivid ambience.  Tim Lenz The highlight of the cocktail lounge is the green-fluted ceramic tiles handcrafted by a local ceramist Charlotte Smith, covering the bar counter and the column... More

NewsNews • 12 May 2022

David Chipperfield complete renovation of Venice’s Procuratie Vecchie on the Piazza San Marco

In 2017, David Chipperfield’s Milan studio won the commision for the renovation of the Procuratie Vecchia, a historic landmark on the north side of Venice’s Piazza San Marco. After five years of work, the building is now accessible to the public for the first time in 500 years. Central to Chipperfield’s philosophy for restoration, the project is not defined by a singular architectural gesture, but rather through a series of interventions that carefully consider the complexity of the existing building fabric.  Alessandra Chemollo The project is funded by Generalis, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. After acquiring nearly the entirety of the Procuratie Vecchie, the company set a goal of creating... More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments


The project re-evaluates a two-room apartment in the heart of Milan, in a 1960s palace. The objective of the renovation is to make the apartment as large and bright as possible. The constructive memory of the existing is not entirely lost, but enhanced: the Palladian marble and the Italian herringbone parquet are maintained and smoothed; with small punctual interventions the contribution of light to the rooms is enhanced. Virginia Lorello Architetto The 1960s residential building is one of the most common building types in Milan. At that time there was certain care in the selection of finishes, but the interiors reflect a culture of living that was totally different from ours. The apartment consisted of a small kitchenette, a small li... More

NewsNews • 22 Mar 2022

Arched openings dominate Studio Jayga Architects’ British house extension

The young family of a 1930s semi-detached house in Loughton, Essex, wanted to open up the floorplan and add an extension for a new kitchen with a strong connection to the garden. Marcus Peel Studio Jayga Architects reconfigured the internal spaces and added a split-level extension clad with  shou-sugi-ban timber. Marcus Peel The split-level allowed the kitchen to be on the level with the slightly lower garden. A linear rooflight connects the existing house with the extension.   Marcus Peel A striking pair of arched metal doors combined with a frameless glass box floods the interior with natural daylight. The cantilevered box provides uninterrupted views into the 300 feet garden. Marcus Peel Studio Jayga Ar... More

NewsNews • 3 Feb 2022

Monoarchi design four twisting cabins shaped by their surroundings

On a 5,000 square meter site in the southeast corner of Tangshan Mountain in Nanjing, Monoarchi has completed four hot spring huts. According to the features of the site, which include one side of stacked rocks that stand out from the woods, the architect positioned the huts in four distinctive locations ranging from deep in the forest, to gradually transitioning in the stone-piled area of land. Hao CHEN Preserving the existing landform and vegetation, a plank path of the site passes through the woods and rocks, connecting the four independent huts like the vein of a leaf. The four huts feature two completely different forms. Hao CHEN Large glass windows in each glass room break through the façade, facing different ang... More

NewsNews • 15 Nov 2021

St. Minas House renovation realizes the potential of its connection to the sea

Located near the small village of St Minas, Greece, and overlooking the Euboea Sea, this summer house renovation by Neiheiser Argyros opens up to the landscape in all directions. In particular, two large shallow concrete arches orient the main living spaces towards the sea.  Lorenzo Zandri From the approach road, the house appears to disappear into olive groves and wild pines forests but opens up across two stories to embrace the full extent of the seafront views. Extensive terraces around the house create a multi-level network of outdoor living rooms. Lorenzo Zandri The original house on the site was designed by Greek architect Nikos Hadjimichalis in the 1970s. While the original house was also focused towards the sea, by... More

Project • By Proctor & ShawApartments

Marylebone Apartment

South London based architects Proctor & Shaw have completed the full interior renovation of an apartment in a period block in Marylebone, London. The challenging brief required re-configuring the inefficient existing one bedroom, one bathroom layout to incorporate two double bedrooms each with ensuite facilities, along with a generous open plan kitchen, dining, and living space. Ståle Eriksen “The top floor of the existing building had been rebuilt following bomb damage during the war”, explained architect Mike Shaw, “which meant the existing spanning concrete structure allowed a complete reconfiguration of the non-load-bearing internal walls to suit the client’s aspirations for the space.” The... More

NewsNews • 28 Jul 2021

Tsingtao 1903 Taproom by MINOR Lab brings a new brand experience to Beijing beer bar culture

In a lively neighbourhood of Beijing, Tsingtao 1903 Taproom by MINOR Lab showcases Tsingtao Beer’s effort to experiment. The concept also helps this legendary Chinese brand, founded in 1903, refresh its brand image and create a new brand experience. Lv Xiaobin Utilizing materials, colour, and light, the architects transform conventional associations between beer bars and their environment by innovating a new spatial experience that brings people an enjoyable sense of excitement and curiosity about Tsingtao Beer.  Lv Xiaobin The upper half of the façade is a suspended landscape space comprising double-walled, U-profile glass and plants. The composition allows gentle, filtered sunlight to illuminate the interior... More

Project • By Hon InteriorsRestaurants

Cake and Breakfast

Cake and breakfast is a breakfast cafe, located in the the 19th century building in the very center of St. Petersburg . Preserving the interior contrast was the main wish of the customers, so we combined cute details, pink color and brutality of concrete. There is a bar counter for takeaway orders ont the 1st floor and two rooms for a pleasant breakfast on the 2nd floor. We used concise surfaces: concrete, terrazzo, plaster, slatted texture. Details and furniture were made in local workshops: concrete hemispheres, triangular countertops using brass, mirrors with a white backing in the form of a bowl. Arched metal structures zone the hall space on the second floor. They are combined with arched windows. There are custom made swivel sconce... More

Project • By P & D AssociatesOffices

Modern decor style

The building to our client is constructed in factory neighborhood. Each facade tells a story of aesthetic emotions linked with each space in terms of its color palate.We tried to blend modern interiors, flooring and plenty of open spaces where you can break away for a change of scenery. Office layout is kept quite simple with central alley leading us to the owner’s cabin. Office space includes main director office, working space with desks, meeting room, and an informal reception area.Exterior elevation of the office is quite unusual with heavy ornamented bracket wooden frame design. Simple elevation with wooden balustrade detail on the first floor window & white color story enhances the richness and simplicity of this elevation.... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersPrimary Schools

Heideveld Primary School

The concept of the new Heideveld Primary School complex was borne from constraints experienced as part of the previous school location and layout as well as from the decanting strategy and programme, which was integral to the roll-out and construction process. The site is fairly small and the existing school operation had to be accommodated on site while the new school was being built. This gave rise to a compact and simple plan form, focused around a shared central courtyard, and two secondary undercover courtyard spaces, one for the foundation phase classes in a single storey block and the other for intermediate and senior phase classes in a double storey block. The hierarchy of shared spaces is a theme that runs throughout the design of... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersPrimary Schools

Dunoon Primary School

Du Noon Primary School is a replacement school, built as part of the Department of Basic Education’s Accelerated School Infrastructure Development Initiative (ASIDI) Programme.   The Du Noon Primary School site is located within very dense urban fabric, with properties fully built up, and the narrow streets lined with informal spaza shops, crèches, and informal house extensions. With open space in Du Noon being an absolute luxury, the streets are true public spaces, where, out of necessity, pedestrians take precedence over motor vehicles. The existing school operation had to be accommodated on the site, while the new school was built. Hence the new school had to be accommodated on the limited area available outside the e... More