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Project • By PLANG GUY Co., Ltd.Private Houses


HAUS 18 is a private residence in Chiangrai, designed for a family who wants to break away from living in a confined space of shophouse but still wants a harmonious merge between the workspace and living space. The design of HAUS 18 intends to create... More

Project • By HBOA (HB Ong Architect)Private Houses

Impian Residence

The site is situated on a higher ground between a peaceful residential road access with approximately 1.3m difference in level at front and approximately 0.6m at the back, facing a beautiful golf course.   The design intends to encourage owner... More

Project • By Design Collective Architects (DCA)Private Houses


House68 is a private family residence. The house is designed as a series of modern pavilions connected by large open terraces and water gardens. Each pavilion differs programmatically and allows for the large home to be sectionalized. A guest pavilio... More

Project • By Design Collective Architects (DCA)Private Houses

C House

The project is built over 2 plots of land located in the affluent and matured residential enclave of Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. The average residential plot in the area hasa lot size of 600m2 with a standard double-storey housebuilt in the 1980... More
Semi-open living area with Skylight
View from the Entrance
Living spaces overlooking the pool
Organic Distribution of Structures over the township
Steps leading to partially underground pool

Project • By MorphlabPrivate Houses

Shift-ing earth

This project is a conversation between Architecture and Nature. Set in the middle of a dense forest, the house pivots around a tree with its spaces shifting and stacking around it responding to its immediate context. The idea of the SHIFT-ing Earth s... More

Project • By Salagnac ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Guayacán

Casa Guayacán is located in the mountainous foothills of Nosara. The property is surrounded by primary tropical forests and presents a splendid ocean view.   This house was designed by a couple of architects (Evangelina Quesada and Lucc... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Rebecca Road House

Formerly concealed at the bottom of the ramp, below the road level, the original house had a little presence or identity. The new house was raised to the street level, giving it a formal guest entrance at the front and a family entrance at the botto... More

Project • By MKBstudioHousing

Bosques 20 Houses

200 trees of different varieties and a gentle slope characterize this place where 20 houses are built. The houses are arranged in an orthogonal grid which outlines patios that embrace and frame all the existing trees. Thus, placing value on the natur... More

Project • By J T A Co.Private Houses


This house is located on an elongated plot of land oriented north-south, surrounded by three other plots.  The plot to the front part of the north is current vacant of which a house may be built very soon.  The plot adjacent to the north-ea... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Siglap Avenue House

Detached house with swimming pool More

Project • By VOID opdPrivate Houses

NMF Residence

The NMF Residence is a contemporary house that evokes and celebrates traditional architecture such as the Hacienda house in Guanacaste, one of the typical manifestations of architecture in the northwest region of Costa Rica.   Guanacaste's ver... More

Project • By EHKA StudioPrivate Houses

Stiletto House

Inspired by the beauty of free-flowing curves, Stiletto House is a fusion of sculpture and building, a blending of form and function to create living spaces that inspire. It embraces traditional concepts of tropical architecture while reinterpreting... More

Project • By Studio EirajiShopping Centres

Alshati Strip Mall

Alshati Strip Mall Project, designed by Studio Eiraji and led by Dr. Javad Eiraji and his design team Mona Rezaei, Elnaz Tofighi, Wala Majidi, Parisa Masudi, Golsa Zerangi and Shaghayegh Behrooji, is based on combination of Islamic architecture of Mi... More

Project • By Studio AnónimoOffices

UPL Operation Centre

On our first site visit, we found a site with a dense tropical vegetation and an irregular topography that descended to the inside of the terrain.   We face a humid tropical weather, with an exuberant flora that allowed us to emphasize views a... More

Project • By Tropical Architecture Bureau/TABOffices

The Breathing Office

“When a place is lifeless or unreal, there is almost always a mastermind behind it. It is so filled with the will of its maker, that there is no room for its own nature.”  – Christopher Alexander     The Breathing O... More