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NewsNews • 27 Jan 2023

HHF transforms a neglected urban courtyard into a lush apartment complex in Basel

In the heart of one of the urban blocks of Basel, lined with residential buildings around its perimeter, this 9-year project by HHF Architects seeks to revitalize unusable, forgotten spaces by inserting a single apartment building. The design comprises 15 units with lush landscaping, revamping a desolate courtyard with parking areas and firewalls. Laurian Ghinitoiu The complexities and challenges of the project, the geometry of the plot, distance from the surrounding walls, getting the respective owners and neighbours onboard, etc., evolved into the particulars of the design. A cross-shaped framework and building volumes with expansions and setbacks provide abundant sunlight, privacy, and outdoor spaces. Maris Mezulis Th... More
West facade

Project • By Frederic SchneeResidential Landscape

桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing

刘家小院 桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing– Rural housing construction owes little to the State and household savings even enable to build private ownership. By allowing the purchase of materials from local manufacturers and artisans, self-built housing construction is prevalent in rural areas. Private property goes back to the agricultural reform of the 1950s, which did not succeed in establishing collective habitations, but reaffirmed the notion of private property as the expression of the work of the family. They are the homes of peasants – inherited or built with domestic savings. The courtyard house in North China constitutes a form of housing which is the result of a long process of interaction between the built form and social, economic, and cultu... More

Project • By Edgley DesignHousing

Secret House

For Secret House we were both developer and architect for two new houses on Chapel Market in Islington.The site is surrounded on all sides by a high wall, and turns in on itself to form a retreat from the lively bustle of the market outside. All that is visible to the visitor is a narrow timber wall and two doors at the end of a long alleyway.As you enter the house the spaces gradually unfold, first into an open living area, lit by slots of light cut up into the roof. These spaces are finished in natural materials- limestone and walnut- that are inviting to the touch and the barefoot resident. As you step out into the courtyard, bare brick walls and raw timber reflect the industrial history of the site. More

Project • By Edgley DesignHousing

courtyard house

Two new build one-bed houses were constructed in place of an old silversmith’s workshop behind a row of Georgian houses in Angel, London. The workshop was demolished, the site excavated and the existing brick boundary walls underpinned to allow the construction of two jewel like courtyard houses.Approached through the Georgian terrace, the building appears as a beautifully crafted jewel hidden within its juxtaposed rough old boundary wall and concrete foundations. Entering into the house the top lit double height space creates drama. The light filled stair with cedar clad walls leads you to the sleeping quarters with private terrace. The open plan living dining kitchen space is lit and ventilated by a sunken courtyard, visually connecting t... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses


We were given the kind of brief most young aspiring practices dream of: to design a contemporary house in a wonderful location overlooking the sea. The twist here was that the house had to be highly accessible whilst avoiding the ‘institutionalised’ feel that many homes for people with impaired mobility occasionally suffer from. The site presented us with a few challenges. First of all, it was set between 2 traditional, low lying thatched cottages identified as being of architectural significance. Secondly, the views out to sea were only achievable at first floor level, and thirdly, the front, less-private side to the plot faced south meaning there would be a conflict between the road and the proposed garden that would front onto it.... More

Project • By Kwan Design ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Glass Pavilion, Nob Hill Hotel

This classical revival building was built in 1909. Many alterations have transpired but the architectural harmony is still consistent as a whole. The new glass pavilion will integrate the classical legacy with 21st century architecture. Situated within the existing courtyard, the glass pavilion will accommodate a complex program of events and offer a unique experience to its occupants. The design simplicity represented a technical and economic solution to overcome problems of bridging long span, heating, ventilation, light and shade. The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation were used as a reference guide for historic structure. Transfer Development Right, “TDR” was re-calculated to make room for this project. More