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Project • By NK ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Light Сlassic

Concept Architect-designer Natalia Karjakina started the project when the customer finished building the "box" and barely had time to make the roof truss system. Initially, the layout and design of the house was ordered from another private architect's bureau, but from the original concept in the end only the outlines of the plan remained. In the process of construction and decoration, all previously planned engineering systems and, accordingly, the design of the house itself, including the facade and the entire interior design, have changed. Andrey Avdeenko The house is intended for a country holiday of a family of 4 people. The main wish of customers in relation to design was to create a cozy and bright space. They did not single o... More

Project • By OJAN Design StudioHousing

Layers Villa

OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio Layers Villa is located in Hashtgerd region in Alborz province with the area of ​​1200 square meters. This building has four floors and the area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, including a reception hall, kitchen, dining room, four master bedrooms, a complete suite, sports spaces, swimming pool, service spaces, utility rooms, etc. In the initial analysis of the site, we realized that the climatic conditions of the area and the neighborhoods could be a threat to security and privacy in this house, which was one of the most important concerns of the design team in the first design steps of the project. OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio The main idea of ​​the project is base... More

Project • By BAUMITPrivate Houses

Villa Endestrasse

In addition to timeless aesthetics, high quality and reliable value stability, the villa offers a high standard of living. Fitting in with the traditional architecture of the area, the villa combines classic and modern elements to create a timelessly attractive building. The representative portico on the street side and the four columns supporting the roof above the main entrance pay homage to the classical villa architecture of the Weimar Republic. Caption Caption More

Project • By CCHEPrivate Houses

Villa de Maître

The transformation of this mansion has been carried out in full respect of its existing architecture. Contemporarily renovated, the interior surfaces have been reorganized around the reception hall, the true heart of the house. Thomas Jantscher The addition of a terrace on the 1st floor has allowed the creation of a winter garden on the ground floor. Entirely glazed, it offers an unobstructed view of a huge garden laid out according to a project by Julian Dowle, an English landscape gardener, as well as of the lake. Thomas Jantscher Everything in this house has been imagined to allow a different use of the premises according to the day's programme. From the gym and swimming pool, to the formal reception, to family life and serva... More

Project • By Prime Design OMPrivate Houses

Contrast Villa

The main idea of the design is to have semi-open spaces taking into consideration the hot climate. Therefore, the villa structure is shaped in a way to provide shade all day so we will have smooth sunlight in all interior spaces. More

Product • By HIRT moving architecture®HIRT kinetics® SF descending windows

HIRT kinetics® SF descending windows

The descending windows from HIRT moving architecture® set the stage for creative solutions. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the HIRT kinetics® disappear silently into the ground at the touch of a button. Inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Stefan Hirt, visionary and lead engineer at HIRT moving architecture®, developed the HIRT kinetics® product line.   When a heavy glass front or a massive wall retracts weightlessly and silently, the interior and exterior realign to form a common space. The HIRT kinetics® Swiss-made precision products allow for realizing completely new spatial concepts and inspire architects all over the world.   The sense of wonder HIRT kinetics® imparts is even more pron... More

Project • By KettalHotels

Faqra Palace Kfardebian

Situated in the hills of Faqra, Kferdebian, adomed with ancient furniture style, this villa - Faqra Palace offers an indoor swimming pool, a large lounge with fireplace and a kitchen. More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSHotels

Methoni Wellness Villas

Similarly to the Greek term νόστος, used in Ancient Greek literature and describes the feelings of an epic hero returning home by sea, the identity of Methoni Wellness Center revolves around memory and the feeling of reaching something familiar. In Ancient Greek society, it was deemed a high level of heroism or greatness for those who managed to return. This journey is usually very extensive and includes being shipwrecked in an unknown location and going through certain trials that test the hero. The theme of Nostos is brought to life in Homer’s Odyssey, where the main hero Odysseus tries to return home after battling in the Trojan War. The design approach aims to create a unique wellness retreat connectin... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Twin Residences

The project refers to a "dual residential complex" located on the northern suburbs of Athens, on the outskirts of Mount Penteli. The positioning of the building volumes, the optimal orientation and the "range of privacy" create a wide spectrum of spaces ranging from "homey" relaxation and introspection areas, to "public" life indoor and outdoor spaces while illustrating the fundamental principles of our architectural design approach.  The lively spaces that are active during the day are integrated with the landscape and pool area while the private spaces are modulated in quiet zones on the upper floors. The advanced technology of the residence plays an important role in the design of the residence as it brings an additional level of c... More

Project • By ViraformPrivate Houses

Villa De

Project Name: Villa DE Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2020 Lead Architect: REZA JAFARI Design  &  Presentation Team: REZA JAFARI,Sayyed Mohammad Mahdi Masoumi, Amir Hosein Sharifzade, Mohammad Farahani, Reza Savadi,  Bahar Javadzade, Hasti Jokar, Ehsan Bakhshande, Neda Moradkhani Rendering: Reza Savadi       Clients: Hosein Eslamian In this project, the concept was to separate users from urban life. Also, the existence of a border between human beings and nature seemed to be necessary to provide peace. For this reason, a transparent border was defined between man and nature. This building is a solitude in the heart of nature to whi... More

Project • By SELIM SENINHousing

Bosco Home

Continuity in the slab movement defines the home.The living room which is on the first floor is the console on the entrance door of the house.The main saloon of the house has double heights. The column of the house in front of the living room is located inside the swimming pool. The outdoor staircase on the entrance door of the house provides direct access to the balcony on the 1st floor of the house.  More

Project • By Alexander Brenner ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Fineway House

The modern villa was built on a plot of land on the outskirts of Reutlingen on a popular mountain trail, directly below the Achalm Mountain. To the north, towards this path, it appears like a stone, solid and closed and opens with floor-to-ceiling glazing to the view in the south. Here the view wanders over the pool and the wide valley. For energetic reasons and for reasons of sustainability, the outer walls consist of 50 centimeter thick aerated concrete and a refined exposed concrete shell of 25 centimeters.   By adding local Jura chips as aggregate, it appears in a warm gray beige after refining. The façade, handcrafted by chiseling, pointing and charring, presents itself with a rough, archaic relief structure. Inside, too,... More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Fereshtegan 2

Villa, Location: Mehrabad, Rudehen, Iran More

Project • By selvakumaran KHousing


A three bed room North facing vasthu complaint home  More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Cola 2

Villa, Location: Salahedin Cola, Noshahr, Iran More