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Project • By Arun Nalapat ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Home on the Hill

“...  the house sits rooted to the site, cloaked in greys and browns. The landscape hugging the walls, tying it to the hilltop. Unpretentious and modest, it succeeds in hiding its scale and secrets ...”   Set amidst the scenic hills of Kerala, this get-away home is sited atop one such hill, offering expansive views to the lush green terrain below and around it. Our clients requirements were simple - a contemporary retreat and the primary need for solitude.    The intent to blur the boundaries between the built and the natural spaces was fulfilled by bringing in the landscape into the midst of the house, splitting the residence from the inside. Large extended overhangs, enveloped in wood and evocative of t... More

Project • By ASAS arkitekturPrimary Schools

Søbakken skole

The school is rehabilitated and expanded with wing G, which is a new building on 2 floors that accommodates 8 classrooms in addition to SFO. This together with previously rehabilitated pavilion D with 6 classrooms constitutes a two-parallel school. New wing F holds canteen which is also used as a meeting room, as well as kitchen and meeting rooms. The school facility is linked to dry and warm corridors where the children can travel easily between the various pavilions, including rehabilitated administration wing A and existing wing D. More