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Product • By DerakoDerako Solid Wood Grill Pro-line

Derako Solid Wood Grill Pro-line

Would you like to make an indoor space more attractive and inviting? You can achieve this by using natural materials. Studies show that increased contact with nature in an indoor environment can have enormous positive effects on peoples’ moods. By incorporating elements of nature in a building, the contact between humans and nature is strengthened. Wood is one of the most special natural materials. It has been a source of inspiration for architects and artists for thousands of years. Thanks to its shape and colour, power, flexibility and warmth, wood gives streets and interiors a natural, characteristic appearance. Wood is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, it also stores CO2. It is renewable thanks to the growth of new... More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Yamatsuri Elementary School

Yamatsuri Town is located at the southern end of Nakadori in Fukushima Prefecture, the Tohoku Region of Japan. Also is on the prefectural border of Ibaraki Prefecture. Yamatsuri Elementary School, which integrates five elementary schools into one, is the culmination of child-rearing support measures promoted by the town.  MIKAMI Architects MIKAMI Architects The center of the town is called Higashitate. The Kuji River runs southward on the flatlands in the mountains and the JR Suigun Line, which connects Mito and Koriyama, and Route 118, which connects Mito and Aizu, run in parallel. Traditional houses with entrances on the gable side line the road.  MIKAMI Architects MIKAMI Architects The site is located at t... More


plusminusarchitects Studio HQ

In this project, we transformed an old city centre four rooms flat into an open working space. This flat is situated very near the city centre of Bratislava on a fourth floor of an housing block originally designed and built in 1928 by Otakar Nekvasil. It is an old brick structure with wooden ceilings and no central heating.   The brief was to convert this originally four rooms flat into own design studio with budget not exceeding 7500 EUR. The task was to remove all existing walls and materials which were not necessarily needed to create an open space with just one partition in the middle. The concept was to bring there as less materials as possible, inserting only two wooden boxes made out of chipboards.   One is used as mai... More

Project • By bdastudioApartments


The intervention involved two distinct overlapping real estate units that are part of a 14th century castle complex originally built by the Visconti family and then used by the Borromeo family, located in the countryside of Peschiera Borromeo not far from Milan Linate airport. To bdastudio was asked to create a single home through a complete overhaul of the spaces and the distribution of the real estate unit, the rationalization of the spaces through a more complex functional program. A further level of design complexity is also derived from the historical constraint of the Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti which, for the purpose of safeguarding the artefact, has limited and addressed some construction principles. The general intent was to... More

Project • By ORA ARCHITETTIOffices


The old warehouse of "Nonno Beppe" has always been a dark, gray, narrow and long space. Our project aims to bring to life the real soul of this place and his beauty, hidden under the plaster, the dust and the absence of light.   The wood was chosen for restoring  floors and some finishes; the old damaged plaster was removed to reveal the original mixed masonry of the walls, the traditional bricks and the wooden ceilings, in order to create a new brigthing room.   This new shape is sought and quiete,  perfect for a psicotherapist studio and its aim to build up the therapist-patient relationship. More

Project • By Carola Vannini ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Ar Penthouse

This apartment, located in the center of  Rome, has been completely modified as far as interior distribution and style. It would be hard to recognize it today, if compared to the way it looked before the works.   The first criterion that guided the project was to open the space to the exterior and natural lighting. Stefano Pedretti In order to do so, the corridor was eliminated and three glass doors have been created into the wall that separates the day area from the large terrace. Stefano Pedretti The ancient building structure has been emphasized by restoring the precious wooden ceilings. A sage green with very light touches of gold and silver have been selected to enlighten the decors. Stefano Pedretti In th... More

Project • By ARP - Architecture Research PracticePrivate Houses

Summer House Renovation In Mykonos Island

The project deals with the renovation of a 30-year-old vacation house located in Mykonos island.   The existing house sits on a typical mykonian rock with unobstructed views towards the port, the old town and the sunset. It has gradually grown through the years with several additions and extensions of rooms leading to a charming but complex assembly of spaces. Although it has many picturesque qualities, due to its organic growth, it lacks good circulation and a hierarchy of interior and exterior spaces.   Our design objective was to intervene and punctually rearrange some of the interior and exterior spaces to render them more usable while respecting the Cycladic character of the house. The property is planned to be seasonally... More

Project • By corde architetti associatiPrivate Houses

casa BRSL

During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and composed by necessity, nothing more, nothing less.   During the life of a centuries old building, we are just a moment, a quick pass: our work, our signs have been added to those of our predecessors. Our purpose is to deliver a snapshot, a true picture of what we have done. New and old materials are kept exposed: concrete, iron, bricks, stone, wooden beams and planks. Everything is combined and... More

Project • By Molteni&CShops

Molteni&C|Dada Miami Flagship Store

The Molteni Group opens the doors to its renovated Molteni&C|Dada Flagship Store in Miami, thereby consolidating the partnership with Solesdi, already present in Central America with the Molteni&C|Dada Flagship Store in Mexico City. Located in the vibrant Miami Design District, the space, designed by acclaimed Belgian architect and Molteni&C|Dada’s Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen, measures over 6500 square feet with 3 wide windows and it is played out over 2 levels.   The concept defining the Flagship symbolizes a life marked by Italian flair with the intimacy of a private home. The whole interior design range is represented to enable visitors to satisfy whatever homeinterior requirements they may have, from ki... More

Project • By Parisotto + Formenton ArchitettiBars


Small jewel dedicated to the culture of mixology and crafted beers, this bar is located in the heart of the Upper Town of Bergamo. The space was resdesigned by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti with a respectful approach aimed to preserve the original stone walls and wooden ceilings that well dialogue with the black iron wainscot and the copper elements.   Along the walls the iron shelves display, reminding of the old chemistry shops, the ingredients used to cract artisanal beers, infusions, cocktails.   The interior design project highlights the contrast between contemporary furniture with an industrial look and the original warmth of the ancient location. More

Project • By Taller ParaleloOffices

SXKM | Seguro Por Kilómetro 2.0

Since the design and construction for Seguro por Kilómetro first office’s in 2017, by Taller Paralelo, he office kept working altogether with the client to develop more corporative spaces for the enterprise; as consequence of the fast growing, arises the necessity of an extension of the offices, that is located in the last floor of the building.   In this occasion, the architectural program was smaller, but with new challenges of design that made the project a balanced space between the private and collaborative spaces; without being exclusive to the administrative direction of the company. In contrast with the first project, the footprint for the extension was reduced because at the last floor of the building, there was... More

Project • By PMC ArquitectosOffices

The Fullsix offices

The Fullsix offices, located in Oeiras, are inserted in the Business Park of Quinta da Fonte. There, they occupy two floors in one of the complex’s buildings. The company wanted to create an inspirational office with a comfortable work space and a warm and informal atmosphere, in order to boost workers’ productivity and provide moments of relaxation and fun.   Due to the company’s dynamics, the work spaces had to be diversified in terms of scale, resulting in a large open space for the approximately 200 working stations needed and other spaces, more private, to hold meetings, collaborative and individualized work. The project organized the program so as to enhance the length of the existing space, making its bound... More

Project • By iGuzziniPrivate Houses

Mollymook Beach House

Mollymook Beach House is a private residence nestled behind the sand-dunes overlooking the pristine Pacific Ocean. Designed as a weekend retreat, this two-level residence combines minimal architecture, natural materials and lush tropical landscaping. The client is a young couple with children and this project was to represent their special place where they could bring friends for weekends of surf, relaxation and entertaining. The architecture gives the impression of a tropical resort, with 8 self-contained bedrooms and a number of separate living spaces intertwined within and above the natural landscaping. At night, the lighting would create a natural ambience, where darkness is allowed to take its place alongside intimate but function... More

Project • By Studio achtShopping Centres

Decin Brewery Shopping Center

The building of the commercial and socio-cultural centre of Pivovar Děčín (Decin Brewery) is located in the former brewery of Děčín Podmokly, Czech Republic. The core of the building consists of a two-story shopping mall with more than 60 shop units, summing up to a leasable area of ​​17,500 square meters.The main idea of ​​the concept builds on using and preserving the original buildings in a harmonious balance with the construction of the new retail spaces and technical facilities.The historic brewery buildings originated in the mid-19th century to the early 20th century have been renovated and reused for both classical and specific business units - a restaurant with microbrewery, playground, halls for one-off events, café, etc.... More

Project • By Lombardini22Offices

Le Village

DEGW Services - Interior design, fit out, works direction, works of art arrangement   DEGW Italia is a brand of the Group Lombardini22.   Project details Innovation and history come together in DEGW’s interior design and fitout for the innovation hub created by Crèdit Agricole. An open and inclusive ecosystem supporting business and innovation for start-ups and other companies. There are 2700 m² of space with 200 workstations for accommodating approximately 50 start-ups in the peace and quiet of the renovated cloister of a 14th century convent, whose entrance gate is in a building along Corso di Porta Romana in Milan. Le Village project, now operating in 29 different locations in France, opens its first fac... More