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Project • By CoDeFaOffices

CoDe Facades

Researchers from the FHNW Academy of Art and Design and woodwork specialists from ERNE AG Holzbau have created a new process to design and manufacture high-quality custom wooden facades. Through a combination of traditional craft knowledge with novel manufacturing technology and interdisciplinary collaborations, architects gain the freedom to develop unique façade solutions and clients to acquire outstanding architecture for an affordable price.  Zosia Prominska   CoDe Façades is an innovative process to design and fabricate unique, cost-efficient, and well-crafted wooden facades offered to architects and clients by a Swiss wood construction company. It was developed as a research project between the FHNW Acad... More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsBars

Wedding Barn House

The marriage is a symbolic event which shows a society’s lifestyle. Today, however, it is not only fun, but also style and functionality that count. Both investors and young couples are looking for places that not only offer space, but also the right atmosphere. Hence the idea to create a place close to nature, evoking simple and traditional associations. The wedding and event building called "Lubaszka" was designed in the hotel complex Rado Resort, surrounded by pine and mixed forests. This picturesque context has become a pretext to create an object open to nature, where all guests will be able to commune with it and draw energy from it.   The investor's goal was to build a wedding and event facility with a convivial atmosph... More

Project • By SELIM SENINRestaurants

Maputo Residences

The project was created by defining the structure of different frameworks.The vertical line elements forming the surface continuity formed a relationship between the layers in the structure. While the building creates a continuous texture relationship between vertical elements and all floors, instead of repeating floors of a classical apartment, it adds a dynamic character to this relationship with cantilever overhangs.   More