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Project • By INC Architecture & DesignResidential Landscape

Texas Hill House

Located in Craryville, New York, at the base of the Berkshires in central Columbia County, the Texas Hill Road home, the second of the INC shed house series, is a portrait of its owners’ varied experiences. One was born and bred in New York and the other is a Costa Rican national of Asian descent. Consequently, the structure integrates Eastern and Western architectural traditions. Because protected wetlands encompass much of the property, the home is located close to its country access road. To maintain privacy and to diminish the structure’s apparent scale from the road, the entrance façade is low and primarily closed. All the rooms in the home orient southwest with open and primarily glass walls framing views to the rear. These strategies... More

Project • By Aidlin Darling DesignPrivate Houses

Glen Ellen Aerie

Sited in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma California, this single family residence floats over the hillside with commanding views of Sonoma Valley. The intent was to design an extremely restrained home both in scale and cost, that intimately embraces the terrain both near and far. The homeowners requested a home that effortlessly links the indoor experience to the surrounding landscape. The tripartite diagram is quite simple: two masses, clad in standing seam black zinc, rise up out of the earth and support a third floating glass pavilion that performs as a bridge connecting the two solid volumes. The first two masses, housing the guest bedrooms, a kitchen, and the entry are positioned on the crest of the hillside, wh... More

Project • By G///bang architectural conceptPavilions

Young Disabled Modules and Workshop Pavilions

ONE CONCEPT, ONE COLOR AND ONE MATERIAL The assignment is motivated by the need to expand the Neuropsychiatric Centre Our Lady of Carmen, in Zaragoza. In the first phase there is a new support centre for youth with behavioural problems, and currently sharing facilities with the geriatric section and, by the nature of their treatment and pathology, was necessary to become independent. In a second phase will be built the "Module for Occupational Workshops." PROGRAM | It has 10 single bedrooms and 8 double rooms, with toilets.The common areas of the internal are two living rooms and dining room. The program is completed with, reception room, two offices, laundry, office, control room toilets, storage and utility room. GEOMETRY | The floor plan... More

Project • By EXTCOResidential Landscape


The Work is located in the south of Chile in the city of Puerto Varas, which is a very rainy area with a humid climate. The context of the work refers to gentle slopes with most of the main views in the distance; in the middle there are dense trees and in the terrain itself, only the topography stands out with a small block, in addition to this there is a condition of strong daily wind. The work always had to be preconceived with a low budget, otherwise it was not going to be built. With these conditions the house was sought to value the topography taking off to the maximum of is having the minimum visual elements that arrived at the terrain. It was also sought to play with the lightness of the volume, making reference to the vernacular arc... More

Project • By Espen Surnevik asHotels


Project type: The project is cabins which can be rented from www.panhytter.noLocation: The eastern part of Norway, close to the Swedish border, two hours driving north of Oslo.Site:Large forest-property owned by the Clients, as part of the huge forest-area called “Finnskogen” (Finlandian-forests) in Norway.Project size:There are built two PAN-cabins based on the same drawings but customized to fit specific to the local site and topography. Client considers building two more cabins.Cabins size:Cabins are approximately 40 square meters inside, and have a free height inside of 5,4m, free length inside of 8,4m, and a free width inside 3,7m. Cabins: functions:There is a mezzanine with a double bed, and there is possibility for six sleeping place... More

Project • By Associated ArchitectsAuditoriums

Princess Alexandra Auditorium

The Princess Alexandra auditorium an integral part of the overall masterplan for the Yarm School, Stockton on Tees. Thezinc clad performance hall is a double RIBA Award winner and has become a thriving arts venue in the North East of England.A double-height entrance foyer connects the fan-shaped auditorium to a new riverside academic block. This new block contains classrooms, and multi-use dance and drama group activities spaces. The flexible auditorium’s entrance maximises stunning views of the River Tees on the way into the 800-seater space.The flexibility of the Auditorium was achieved through the use of robust acoustic separating constructions and specialist fit out equipment, such as telescopic seating, an acoustically separating slidi... More

Project • By Emmanuel Combarel, Dominique MarrecOffices

Dwellings rue Père Corentin

The project that RATP has entrusted to us consists of the realization of 2 housing buildings imbricated with a bus center. In a specific and referenced work based on emblematic Parisian operations such as the building of the Atlas passage designed by Eugène Beaudoin and Marcel Lods or the one by Henri Sauvage located rue Vavin, the first building of our operation, implanted rue du Père Corentin, presents a stepped facade combined with terraces to solve the wide gap existing between the buildings that surround it : a R+2 Mansart-type pavilion and a R+12 building resulting from the modernity implanted freely in disregard of any alignment. This work of graduation also emanates from a desire to open this very narrow street to the sun, to the sk... More

Project • By 5G Studio CollaborativeHospitals

Legacy ER at Allen

Running a hybrid program comprising of Urgent Care and 24/7 state-licensed Emergency Room functions, Legacy ER aims to advance community access to high-quality healthcare services by positioning the architectural significance of its facility into direct alignment with its goal of elevating the patient care experience to an unprecedented level. The facility is an 8,432 SF building containing (1) Triage, (3) Exam Rooms, (5) Urgent Care Rooms, (2) Emergency Treatment Rooms, (1) X-Ray Room, and (1) CT-Scan Room, along with Administrative Offices and Clinical Staff Areas. Provisions were made for a Physicians' Call / Nap Room, a hospitable double-height Staff Lounge, and the On-Stage / Off-Stage division between the Clinical Staff and... More

Project • By Björn Lundquist ArkitekturPrivate Houses

H House

The H House is a wooden vacation house overlooking lake Sommen in the village of Malexander in southern Sweden. Its floor plan layout forms a symmetrical capital H with the wing facing north containing private spaces, while its twin volume facing south gather interlocking social spaces turning towards the vast view of the lake. A curved glass wall forms an outdoor veranda within the building perimeter, gently separating social spaces of different use. Connecting the two parts on the axis of the main entrance is the kitchen, facing two open courtyards capturing the morning and evening sun of the east and the west. Windows and glazed doors on all sides of each courtyard allow movement and visual contact in multiple directions throughout... More

Project • By Ecker ArchitektenHangers


The setting of the building is a sloped site, bordered on one side by a road leading to a barn and a garden waste depository. The opposite side fronts the cutting and kitchen gardens, a much-loved feature of the ‘Sun Garden’ retirement home. The maintenance garage and storage building forms a barrier and a backdrop – the placement and size of the structure separates quiet environs of the gardens from the noisy agricultural traffic in the direct proximity of the site.The salient architectonic feature of the ‘Hangar XS` is its folded roof, the geometry of which is defined by the triangular framing of the gables on all four sides of the building. The proportion of the gables are similar, and the ratio of the short to the long elevations is 2:7... More

Project • By FORMstudioResidential Landscape

Benbow Yard Courtyard Houses

FORMstudio’s latest completed project is a response to the Mayor of London’s Policy to optimise the re-use of small sites across London. Malcolm Crayton, Director at FORMstudio comments: “The GLA’s draft New London Plan calls for an increased focus on small sites, which need to play a much greater role in housing delivery. Boroughs are encouraged to pro-actively support well-designed new homes on small sites through both planning decisions and plan-making in order to significantly increase the way in which challenging small sites can meet London’s housing needs – Benbow Yard is a perfect response to this policy.” FORMstudio’s newly completed courtyard houses in the London Borough of Southwark are located on a tight, irregular brownfield plo... More

Project • By aNNo architectenPrivate Houses

House Minard Ghent

Restoration and renovation of a 19th century listed mansion in the centre of Ghent for living, working and relaxing. The mansion was originally designed by arch. Minard back in 1878. The house was in a bad shape. Nonetheless… What is striking: the generous passage, the beautifully decorated salons on the ground floor, the rich ornaments, ... What is amazing: the original circulation. The stairs - wide and narrow, curved and straight, light and dark, magnificent and sober - are a translation of the double life that was once lived in the house. The visible and present chic next to the invisible support in the form of maids who moved silently through the house .... The traversability feels good, it offers endless movement through the house.Wha... More

Project • By Finnis ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Plumbers House

Plumbers house by Finnis Architects, is a bold and unashamedly modern statement on a suburban street in Strathmore, Melbourne.Located North of Melbourne’s CBD, the Plumbers house manages to capture the clients desire for a modern design, becoming a prominent statement to the streetscape in a growing area of Melbourne. The attention to detail seen both internally and externally throughout the entirety of the building perhaps sets the tone for the future Architectural style of the area which encapsulates the essence of family living.Its proudly austere frontage allows the quality of materials, workmanship and detailing to shine. The light concrete tones of the entrance contrast with the zinc cladding creating a clear articulation to the front... More

Project • By JUMA architectsHousing

Villa BL

Although this bungalow on one of the stately driveways of Brasschaat had been on the market for a long time, JUMA immediately saw its enormous potential when the client came to them with the question whether a renovation was worth considering.The existing volumes have largely been preserved, only the veranda and the gable roof were removed. The gable roof was replaced by a flat roof with corbeled canopies in black zinc. The staircase was moved to open a large space that accommodates the kitchen.The presence of a basement crawl space made it possible to accommodate a recessed seating area in the living room, obviously replete with a wood-burning fireplace.The plot has a large, beautiful front garden, in which JUMA introduced a garden wall to... More

Project • By INOSTUDIO architekciPrivate Houses

Courtyard House

The plot is located close to the forest but also among dense single family housing. The location of the plot and the view for the forest have given us direction of shaping the building. We heve chosen rather spacious building with the inside courtyard. The ground floor is cut off from the neighbors by the lack of windows in the side walls. However, it is open to the garden and the courtyard. On the first floor, by taking a piece of the roof and creating two terraces, there is a view to the forest and Gliwice Radio Tower the tallest wooden structure in Europe. Local planers determined a roof geometry: pitched, symetrical roof, perpendicular or parallel to the road. Marcin Grabowiecki The building is compact, simple and minimalistic. It... More