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NewsNews • 1 Dec 2021

Historic Pepper Family Wildlife Center at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo sees a major renovation, restoration, and expansion

Dedicated as a Chicago Landmark in 2005, the historic lion house at the centre of the city’s Lincoln Park Zoo was originally designed by architect Dwight Perkins and completed in 1912. Notable for its decorative brickwork, terracotta details, lion mosaics and grand hall with vaulted Guastavino tile ceiling, the building has undergone limited work since its last significant renovation in 1990. Tom Harris With a desire to substantially improve lion habitat and the experience of visitors, this latest renovation, restoration, and expansion of the 54,000 square foot facility was undertaken by Goettsch Partners in collaboration with Seattle-based zoo exhibition specialists PJA Architects. Tom Harris   Works include nearly... More

Project • By Banker WireZoos

El Paso Zoo Cat Adoption Center

At the El Paso Zoo’s Cat Adoption Center, MNK Architects was scoped with creating a fun, colorful, and family-friendly environment where the potential adoptees and cats could have one-on-one encounters. In the renovation of the Cat Adoption Center (previously known as The Asia Exhibit), MNK relied heavily on Banker Wire’s SJD-2 wire mesh pattern to create a key architectural installation that was both functional and decorative, helping realize the overall design scheme and purpose of the Center.Asian motifs underscore the architecture and design of the Cat Adoption Center—a structure that was originally built in the early 1990s. Inspired by the building’s original design, MNK Architects’ renovation built on thi... More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Architecture of Elephant World explores the unique relationship between elephants and Thai locals

On a rural site located 52 kilometers north of the city of Surin, Thailand, the architecture of the new Elephant World expresses the uniquely close relationship between Thai elephants and Thai locals, who consider elephants as part of the human family structure. As such, Elephant World isn’t viewed as a collection of enclosures for undomesticated animals, but rather a large (5400 square meter) residence for extended family members Credit: Spaceshift Studio Elephant World is a government project with the aim of bringing local Kui people and elephants back to their homeland and ensuring a suitable and sustainable living conditions for elephants. The project, designed by Bankok Project Studio, includes the Kui village, an elephant... More