5 dakika
5 dakika

5 dakika

Designers from Cihannuma Mah. Abbasaga Sk. Saadet Ap. No:6 D:5 Besiktas, istanbul, Turkey
As 5 dakika we are a team working on both the virtual and the tangible world.
We practice “Experience Design”services… We design space, objects, processes, tasks and events.
We are always after innovation; we cumulate ideas. We design projects with these ideas using interdisciplinary tools. We are here to create projects that merge the virtual and the tangible world and that make statements.

Space & Experience
Space is the foundation of experience... From a phonebooth to a room, from a house to a store / office, from a building to the urban space, even to a city all spaces all places are defined, governed and planned by people. People found the existance of space; therefore space is defined by human experience.

İnteraktive Experience
The virtual world is no more confined to the screens... You can now touch, interact and change it. We bridge the virtual world with reality using interactive applications.

3D Print & Experience
From digital to real… To bring a digital 3D design into physical existance and to hold what you see on a screen in your hands within minutes! www.3dpd.co / www.3dprintdunyasi.com

Graphic Experience
Graphic design is no longer limited to 2 dimensions; it is much more than that. It involves the corporate / individual identity making a statement in all domains. Where and how you are conceived is the indispensable realty, it is the priority of design now.