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Akustus is an acoustic product design company based out of Vancouver, Canada. We offer products that create an acoustically rich environment while enhancing the design aesthetic of any interior space.

● Sereno ™ Acoustic Panels:
○ Sereno Panel improves acoustics by absorbing ambient noise and reducing sound reverberations, making the room quieter and more comfortable. You will find it easier to enjoy music and conversations, as sound and speech intelligibility is improved. It can be used in any room where acoustic improvement is desired.

● Environmental:.
○ Sereno™ Panel supports environmental sustainability by being 100% recyclable. The material contains approximately 50% post-consumer content originating from recycled water bottles.

● Installation:.
○ Sereno™ Panel can be adhered to surfaces directly using a non-solvent construction grade glue. In certain applications, specifically ceiling installation, it is recommended that an adhesive be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners to ensure the strongest possible hold.
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