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In 1954, the Albertini family began building wood windows, doors and shutters in a small workshop in the outskirts of Verona. The founder, a talented craftsman in his own right, decided early on that he and his small team of artisans would focus on the quality rather than the quantity of their product. Subsequently, a well-earned local reputation for quality soon propelled the fledgling company to prominence in their province.

Gradually, as the business flourished, younger family members came aboard, each one finding a special niche in the organization suited to his or her particular talents. By the 1970s, what had begun as a small shop of traditional craftsmen, had become a truly modern, industrial firm.

Since then, the annual production increased steadily, the variety of products and materials expanded. and the network of Italian dealers grew to over one hundred. In the 1990s Albertini began its successful outreach to the international market which now includes different European countries, Asian South-East, North Africa and Northern America.

Today the Albertini brand represents an important label in the windows and doors sector: a brand capable of portraying the evolution of taste, technology and lifestyle.
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