Architects from 118-10 Yongdap-Dong, Sungdong-gu, Seoul , South Korea
1965 Graduated from Kyung-nam high school
1972 Received buchelor’s degree from Hong-ik Univ.
1972 Worked in the office of Aum Dok-moon
1981 Received master’s degree from Kuk-min Univ.
1986 The president of Archium. Co. Ltd
1989 Invited to 3-Korean architects exhibition gallery MA, Tokyo
1992 4.3 group exhibition - Ingong gallery
1999 Award of Korea architectural culture KIA award
Seoul architecture award (Kim Ok-gill Memorial Hall )
2000 Asia-Pacific Architecture design Award
2002 Heyri Art valley exhibition
2002 KIA award (Haengdang public office)
2003 Seoul architecture award (Haengdang office)
2003 Professor of Chung-ang Univ.
2005 Paju Book City exhibition - Berlin
2007 Kim Su Geun Award (Woongjin Think-big)
2007 Seoul architecture award (Reflex)
2007 Award of Korea architectural culture (Forest garden)
2007 Award of Korea architectural culture (Woongjin Think-big)
2007 KIA Award (Woongjin Think-big)
2008 Fashion & Architecture - Shinsegey
2008 Seoul architecture award / KIA Award (Urban Hive)
2009 Shortlisted WAF (Urban Hive)
2011 Member of Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy
1989 The Works
1999 Kim Ok-gill Memorial Hall
2002 Let's talk about Architecture
2010 The Space Open
2014 himalesque