Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten
Milad Pallesh
Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten

Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten

Architects from Overtoom 197, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bastiaan jongerius architects aims to contribute to the realization of enjoyable and useful structures. (since 1996)
the team gives substance to the design and construction process, from the first sketch to completion. we try, with unwavering commitment and dedication to each project to discover the specific background of a command and respond to what concerns us.

These are a multitude of diverse topics, from the story of a passer-by at the site to further develop of
a material application. Research and study affect the (im) possibilities, and feed the design with a layering of themes. bastiaan jongerius architects summarize itself as a think tank for creating pleasant and useful buildings.

We work on the scale of the city / landscape, public spaces, the building and the interior. for each project, all scale levels and transitions important. the space of the individual is the interior, the building of the house of the interior. the facade reflects the building and facing the public space. the other is the space around the building an inspiration for the building.

When we pursue an integrated approach to the link between the program, the design, make it physically from the building and the appearance. Working in a design / construction team with a composition of an architect, a project manager and specialists in the field of engineering, plant design and construction economy, depending on the content of a project. The interaction of these disciplines leads to innovative and sustainable solutions based on knowledge and the creativity of the team.