Renovation flower bulb shed

Renovation flower bulb shed

Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten
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Renovation flower bulb shed, Lisse

Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten as Architects

The bulb shed was built in 1928 for grandfather C.W. van der Salm and has been in use for bulbs company Van der Salm. In 2010 the barn of the family is used as a residence for the family Van der Salm-Crezée, after an extensive renovation. The original facade of the bulb barn is, as much as possible, intact and thoroughly renovated. Original details of the bulb barn are maintained: ventilation openings in the facade, window openings (the steel window frames have been replaced by aluminum frames with double glazing), masonry ornaments in the facade, old doors in the side façade, old wooden floors, old floor beams and a floor hatch. The bulbs barn was originally a dark building with small window openings. To make the building habitable, some measures have been taken. First, the front and rear part of the original facade on the ground floor are replaced by black painted wood with glass strips in between. Furthermore, voids inside the building (at the entrance and the living room) and voids outside the building (in the back facade) are used with skylights above. It took more than three years making the plans, arranging the permits and build the building.

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Build completed in 2016
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