23 apartments Middenmeer

23 apartments Middenmeer

Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten
Middenmeer, Netherlands | View Map
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Social Housing
Milad Palleh

23 apartments Middenmeer

Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten as Architects

The location is part of the old core of Middenmeer and is located next to the church on the Kerkring and at the intersection of two channels. The building consists in two separated pavilions freely located in a large green lawn and slightly elevated from the ground. The two volumes are connected with a gangway on the ground level and the first floor. Southwest of the buildings a large green field is applied where children can play and where people can sit and relax in a leafy setting overlooking the canal. The volumes are placed so that the tower is visible from Torenstraat and Kanaalweg as a landmark.

Middenmeer is a town in the Netherlands and lies about 50km north of Amsterdam. It was built in 1932 in the drained polder Wieringermeer. The town was situated at a crossroads of major roads and canals and formed the access to the polder. The architect Granpré Molière made the urban plan of Middenmeer. He tried to design this new community as much as possible as a unit. Characteristic of his work are the rectangular structure (based on the parceling of the landscape), clear boundaries of the village, a clear core of a village, facilities easily accessible and findable (landmarks), the street designed as an entity and a lot of public green. The four church towers in Middenmeer served as anchor points. He wanted to facilitate a modern, healthy society. The new polders had a great attraction for people from the whole country. The "drop" of entire villages was actually a social experiment, because there arose in a short time a lot of new communities. What the new residents had in common was the optimism and the fact that they could build together their own future. Middenmeer has currently about 3200 inhabitants.

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