BC Architects: Residential projects and furniture with timeless design and a touch of art Unique and authentic designs, that follows clean and timeless features, where works of art and design pieces are highlighted in the decoration. This is the motto of the creations of the Rio de Janeiro's office BC Architects, which now brings to São Paulo all the architectural expertise acquired since 2003, when it was founded. Led by Bruno Carvalho and Camila Avelar, the multidisciplinary team develops residential, corporate and furniture design projects that exude creativity and personalization. With more than 15 years of experience in the market, the architects print in each project the essence of a minimalist architecture, defined by balanced proportions in the choice of materials. Neutral tones, cement, wood and natural stones are the starting point for the main base. A strong presence in all works, the carefully crafted cabinet gives the tone of exclusivity and appears as a "haute couture" element, that is tailor made for each space. With a signature that remembers contemporaneity harmonized with balanced details with poetic aspect through signed objects, works of art and elegant ambiences, the projects translate a curatorship of style that reflects the personality of each client. Always attentive to the new market trends, BC Arquitetos constantly participates in decoration shows such as CASACOR Rio 2013, CASACOR Rio 2014, Artefacto Rio 2015, CASACOR Rio 2015, CASACOR Rio 2016, CASACOR SP 2018, CASACOR Rio 2018, CASACOR SP 2019. The recognition of these works also comes through of prizes and participation among the finalists, such as: Finalist Deca 2013 Award, finalist and winner by the public in the Urban Houses category, Casa Claudia 2014 award, O Globo 2014 prize, best lighting project - Casa Cor 2014. O Globo 2015 Award, most original design - Casa Cor 2015.
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