DN Apartment

DN Apartment

BC Arquitetos
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Project Year
Denilson Machado (MCA Estudio)

DN Apartment

BC Arquitetos as Architects

Design of a 230 m2 apartment, in a building from the 70's, located in the traditional jardins neighbourhood, in sao paulo, brazil.


The project's concept comes from modernist influences and from the narrative inspired by the contemporary and minimalistic poetry that guides the new way of living. Customer’s passion, roberto burle marx, brazilian landscape master, who had the sameprofession as the owner, was one of the most influent and complete brazilian modernists.


Concrete coated columns guided the layout of the project,transforming the element in one of its highlights, strengthening the influences and architectural inspirations.


Few elements, such as crude and mineral materials were used: concrete, granilite, a mixture made of cement and stone-pastesspecially selected for the project, and also the natural walnutwood that covers almost the whole apartment, synthesising thematerials, enrichened the project.


Three main pillars guided the choices for this project which, we classify as a gallery apartment. A clean, sensorial andscenographic architecture, that facilities the connection between the spaces, using few elements, beyond the already cited mineral materials.


A minutious selection of original brazilian furniture from masters of the 50's and 60's, another owner’s passion, like: black gold chairs and petal table by jorge zalzupon, janguada armchair by jean gillion, mtf600 chairs by geraldo de barros, mole armchair by sergio rodrigues, ancient furniture from the middle of the 19th century, by arnaldo danemberg’s antiquarian shop and also the dominici’s glass ceiling light fixture. Recognized and awarded designer in the current scenario as jader almeida (contemporary archive), completes the select team of the collection.


Contemporary and poetic pieces of art, such as: the photograph of são paulo, by claudio edinger, the metal sculpture by claudio alvarez, the bronze head sculpture by florian raiss and an ancient photograph of the family’s collection, completes the base of this project, which brings affective memories, lots of art, history and architectural references, and design furniture from the mid-20th century.


In the the lunch room integrated to the kitchen, the table by sergio rodrigues and the original leather chairs, by jorge zalzupin, make, again, presence. Luminaire, unknown author, panned by the owner during his travels around the nordic countries was used, bringing affective memories to a room really present in the ownerseveryday.


The master bathroom follows the same architectural conception of the rest of the project, covering the walls with granilite. Earthenware and metals from brazillian trademark deca in a black matte color strengthen the dense and authoral atmosphere. Florian raiss' pieces of art points art as one of the fundamental pillars of the project.


Material Used :
1. Granilite – kithen and bathrooms stand - Casa Franceza
2. Concrete coat – columns and ceiling - Tresuno
3. Jangada chair (by Jean Gillion) – Artemobilia Antiquario
4. Ouro Preto chair (by Jorge Zalszupin) – Artemobilia Antiquario
5. Mole Armchair (by Sergio Rodrigues) – Artemobilia Antiquario
6. Dinner table (by Jader Almeida) – Arquivo Contemporâneo
7. Verde Corvo Sofa (by Jader Almeida) – Arquivo Contemporâneo
8. MTF 600 Chair (by Geraldo de Barros) - DPOT
9. Pétala Table (by Jorge Zalszupin) – Etel Carmona Store
10. Dominici Light Fixture – Passado Composto
11. Sao Paulo Photography (by Claudio Erdinger) – Galeria Lume
12. Cabeça de bronze Sculpture (by Florian Heiss) – Galeria Lume
13. Metal scupture (by Claudio Alvarez) – Galeria Lume

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Dinner table, SofaArquivo Contemporâneo
Granilite – kithen and bathrooms standCasa Franceza
Concrete coat – columns and ceilingTresuno
Product Spec Sheet
Dinner table, Sofa
Verde Corvo by Arquivo Contemporâneo
Granilite – kithen and bathrooms stand
by Dpot
Concrete coat – columns and ceiling
by Tresuno
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