Manufacturers from Via Europa 51/53, GARBAGNATE MONASTERO, Italy
For forty years now we have been transforming fine fabrics into carpets, resistant runners and an endless range of rugs. Using passion and creativity, we set up a dialogue between those hardworking artisans who have always been such a rich resource of the Brianza area and the most ground-breaking ideas of interior and fashion designers from Italy and abroad. It’s a way of renewing ourselves through tradition and growing by drawing on the treasures of the past.

Our job is to look after and care for the spaces through which the world moves every day: the places where we live, work or share our spare time. We thus combine practicality with emotions. We do all in our power to fully understand the needs of our customers.
Because each detail says something about their story, their values, their ambitions and their personality.

Entering any space containing a Besana product – whether it’s a house or a hotel room, a store, a congress centre or an office – is an experience that draws in the senses, where colours, patterns, the skilful combination of the various fabrics, and the absence of harmful emissions due to volatile organic compoundsall contribute to an overall feeling of wellness. For better living and better working. Every moment of every day.

We study style, sizes and shapes. We create combinations of colour, material and form, alternating thicknesses and degrees of softness to satisfy the customer’s every expectation, offering a product capable of achieving the highest quality standards that coexists easily with its surroundings. Each product is a journey we take, full of enthusiasm in our search for the point at which comfort, practicality and beauty are interwoven harmoniously. All of our carpets, runners and rugs are the result of a great amount of professional effort to yield a top-quality product. From every point of view.

Besana products have the ability to adapt to every situation, offering endless customisable solutions: every line of carpets is also available with all of its features in the form of mats of all sizes, without affecting style and performance. Our collections are renewed season after season, interpreting and often predicting style trends. We know that every space needs individual attention and today, in addition to living and sleeping areas, outdoor and wellness spaces might also benefit from the presence of a Besana mat or rug.
A world tailored to your needs. Welcome to the world of Besana.

The success of a brand is never the result of lucky coincidence but comes from years of experience, added to firm values and a solid professional ethics. We achieve our aims though continuous research, both in the fields of the style and technology: new shapes, ground-breaking materials, a great eye for the most recent stylistic trends, together with a renewedenvironmentalsensitivity and unflagging attention to the basic ground rules have all allowed us remain an essential point of reference, season after season, in Italy and internationally. Both individual and corporate customers find their ideal partner in Besana, genuine and reliable.
A partner who always knows how to listen to and understand them, and how to interpret and give form to their wishes.

Always time for you!

Welcome to the world of Besana.