Manufacturers from Heinrich-Bette-Strasse 1, Delbruck, Germany
Exclusive bathroom products in elegant steel/enamel:

Bette combines highly industrialised processes and traditional craftsmanship to create bathroom products of the highest quality

Bette is a specialist in the manufacture of baths, shower areas and washbasins in elegant steel/enamel. Bette products make water a pleasure in the bathroom. With baths, shower areas and washbasins Made from one material for a consistent finish and colour, the Bette brand is renowned for its high quality, design expertise and flexibility.

Since 1952, Bette specialises exclusively in steel shaping and enamelling, and it uses its own forming technology with extremely short set-up times. Today, Bette employs over 300 people at its production plant and administrative centre in Delbrück, where it manufactures more than 600 different bath and washbasin designs in many possible finishes. Bette’s production facilities combine highly industrialised and technical processes with traditional production methods. Highly skilled manual input is employed when it benefits the customer. The natural raw materials of glass, water and steel are made into products that are offered in a wide range of shapes, dimensions and colours – and finished with the BetteGlaze® to be made into highly durable, long-lasting steel/enamel.

Bette has always been a pioneer in exploring and redefining the possibilities of steel/enamel.
The Bette steel/enamel material is perfect for use in the bathroom – not least because it combines durability with sustainability. A high level of stability and reliability are combined with a flawless, durable and hygienic surface. The outstanding hygiene features and ease of cleaning of the BetteGlaze® has been tested and proved by the TÜV Rheinland.

Since 2013, the ecological quality of Bette’s entire range is confirmed by an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The certificate is issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU), is acknowledged worldwide and complies with ISO standard 14025.