O&O Baukunst
O&O Baukunst

O&O Baukunst

Architects from Berlin, Cologne, Germany and Vienna, Austria
O&O Baukunst is jointly led by the architects Roland Duda, Christian Heuchel and Florian Matzker, Laurids Ortner, Manfred Ortner and Markus Penell.

In addition to important cultural buildings in major European cities, the architectural office realises numerous office and commercial buildings as well as renowned projects for urban living.

O&O Baukunst follows Haus-Rucker-Co with all construction projects, interdisciplinary events on questions of architecture and urban planning and the art space "O&O Depot". Known since the late sixties for interventions that move programmatically between free art, utopian architecture and urban design, the architectural office emerged from the group of architects and artists in the eighties.

O&O Baukunst currently has 100 employees in three locations: Berlin, Cologne and Vienna.

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