Broekbakema connects people and society in an appealing architecture with professional skill and enduring innovation. As architects we are capable more than anybody else to shape a meaningful, future enduring environment. We do so by designing buildings that are attractive and that are connecting people with their surroundings. Sustainability is already from step 1 on a part of our design process. We have extensive sustainability expertise in our office and we always observe the total life expectancy of a building. With that, co-creation, close cooperation with all parties concerned, is self-evident for us. After all, good, appealing buildings you make together. Our office is founded in 1910 and established in the famous Van Nellefabriek at Rotterdam, designed by the founders of our office, Brinkman en Van der Vlugt. The former supply sheds for coffee and tea, we transformed into a convenient work place for our employees. With that, we literally follow in the footsteps of our founders. By them, by Van den Broek en Bakema and by later generations of architects a large number of renowned buildings are realized, among which the auditorium of the Technical University at Delft, soccer stadium De Kuip at Rotterdam, building Gebouw X at Zwolle, Green Living City and the Van Nellefabriek at Rotterdam which is recently nominated for the Unesco list of World Heritage.
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