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Caples Jefferson Architects

Architects from 37-18 Northern Boulevard Suite 319, Long Island City, United States
CAPLES JEFFERSON ARCHITECTS is an award-winning New York City based architecture firm that was founded in 1987 by Everardo Jefferson and Sara Caples. With a commitment to community, sustainability and cultural enrichment, the practice has built significant projects such as Queens Theatre-in-the-Park and Weeksville Heritage Center. CJA offers master planning, urban design, research and programming, architecture and interior design services. We have completed over 100 projects for civic, corporate, educational, cultural and private clients in the United States and abroad. In 2012, the firm was honored as AIA’s New York State Firm of the Year.

Three commitments that have remained core values:
1- Perform at least 50% of our work for the community, for a broader public, especially in poorer neighborhoods underserved by designers.
2- Base each project on intensive research to uncover deepened layers particular to each individual place. This can encompass issues ranging from space and needs analysis to site history and physical characteristics to the philosophies underlying our clients’ endeavors.
3- The mission is to look into these multiple layers for fulfilling connections between the conceptual and the physical that zero in on the unique potential of that place.

Ranked 26th in Sustainability Nationwide by Architect Magazine, 2013
AIA New York State Firm of the Year, 2012
City of New York MWBE FIrm of the Year, 2009