CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects) is a New York-based design studio committed to an optimistic future for architectural thinking. We believe in a professional mandate for architecture that is confident of its dominion over technology and construction while actively fostering affiliations with other fields of practice. We work with public and private clients to develop organizational strategies that leverage a local situation and improve everyone’s bottom line. Our studio is both a workshop and a think tank. We produce buildings and ideas without a prejudice towards the primacy of one over the other. Our work represents an engagement with the history of making buildings and placing them in complex dynamic environments. Our team consists of design professionals from around the world who share a dedication to the transformative power of architecture. We are currently developing a student center for National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, a house in Costa Rica, a master plan for a coastal resort in the Philippines together with the construction of a prototype house, and a new market for vegetable farmers outside Bogota, Colombia. CAZA’s design for the Taipei Contemporary Music Center, produced in collaboration with officedA, was selected from hundreds of entrants as one of three finalists to proceed onto the second round of the competition, to contend for the contract to design and execute the project.
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