Comas Pont Arquitectes
Jordi Comas / Pere Tordera
Comas Pont Arquitectes

Comas Pont Arquitectes

Architects from Passatge Can Mastrot, Despatx 7, Spain
Architecture and place

Architecture like an enhancer of the specific characteristics of place

At Comas-Pont architects, projects are made from observations of the relationship between building, its surroundings and its programme. The design becomes a reflection of that.

Each project represents an opportunity to capture feelings of that place, of the climate and of the people. The building programme gives meaning to its architecture through the space proportions, connections and light for example. Everything is combined to provide the ideal climate for each specific use. A correspondence is made between the building and specific cultural references of the site and its context, to get a sense of belonging.

Thus, the representation, the building scale, construct solutions and materials are always subject to the programme and context, achieving a specific architecture every time.

Comas-Pont architects is a young architecture office in Vic, (Barcelona). This office is 8 years old (since 2004), but owners projected in other offices before. Comas-Pont architects works in 3 basic areas: private architecture (houses and blocks), public architecture (schools, markets, churches …) and public urban design.

Now, in Spanish construct crisis framework, they can work in a lot of rehabilitations, something that they love because it pluses difficulties to projects and that became to a personal challenge.

At Comas-Pont loves architecture, places and people and they work every day to combine these three parts and get them something better.


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