Dal Pian Arquitetos
Dal Pian Arquitetos

Dal Pian Arquitetos

Architects from São Paulo, Brazil
Founded in 1992, DAL PIAN ARCHITECTS acts on the different scales and themes of architecture, developing public and private projects in the areas of culture, education, housing, sports, business, corporations, industries, logistics and urban infrastructure.

Our projectural approach, within environmental consciousness, technical research and innovation, respect to the users' needs and their context of insertion, aims at a contemporary, Brazilian architectural language, with a constantly renewed expression.

We believe in architecture as an action that results from understanding, reflection and response to the specific demands of each project. We also believe in dialogue, collaboration and ethical and social behavior as operational tools in that process.

We have a specialized team, a consultant group and technical support offices, and we assure the projects' control and quality, from their viability study to the complete implantation.

With prizes in several projects competitions, our works have been published in electronic media, magazines and specialized books in Brazil and abroad.

The company is represented by its directors, Lilian Dal Pian and Renato Dal Pian, who until the year of its constitution have developed professional activities in architecture firms in São Paulo (until 1986), London (1986 to 1989), and Milan (1989 to 1992).

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