Danilo Ramazzotti
Danilo Ramazzotti

Danilo Ramazzotti

Manufacturers from Via Novara, 41, 28010 Vaprio D'agogna, NO, Italy
Danilo Ramazzotti story began in 1956 but it is from the early 70s that Danilo Ramazzotti took control of the company.

Deep passion and acquired productive knowledge soon become an important project: create new materials for architect to use.

The production of stones and marbles has been organised under a new brand called RAMA 1956 Italian Marmeria. www.ramamarmi.it

Today, Danilo Ramazzotti works with a dynamic and creative staff to whom he has transposed his passion and respect for materials.


Not everything that is handmade is beautiful regardless.
Otherwise, what difference would there be between an artwork and a doodle?

Not everything that once was perfect today it still is. Our needs have changed.

This is Danilo Ramazzotti`s philosophy; a philosophy that respects the past and makes it present to enhance the real "handmade in Italy".
He wants to create unique architectural materials with the highest quality to interpret contemporary taste.


"A good project does not arise from the ambition to leave a mark, but from the wish to establish an exchange with whom will use the product we designed" A. Castiglioni

It was perhaps these words by Achille Castiglioni who modeled the concept of design that slowly took shape in Danilo Ramazzotti`s mind.

This was the big challenge.

This soon became the company's mission: create products and allows designers to mix them by playing with shapes, colours and surfaces.

This concept of dynamic design is opposed to the industrial production and for this reason Danilo Ramazzotti has decided to produce exclusively by hand, in Italy, at its own plants.
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Danilo Ramazzotti
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