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Danzer is a quality hardwood company with headquarters located in Dornbirn, Austria. Approximately 1,500 employees work for Danzer. Customers are served from 18 sales offices worldwide. Founded in 1932, the family oriented company is managed by a member of the third generation. Danzer owns and manages forests for future generations and produces sliced veneer, lumber and innovative value-added wood products for decorative applications in high-quality furniture, automobiles, and interior architecture.

Danzer customers are wood distributors and manufacturers of furniture, panels, doors, hardwood flooring, window frames, automotive trim parts and other products who turn the material into practical and beautiful goods for end users. Danzer is utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to unlock the unique properties of wood. Danzer delivers its products in a consistent and customer oriented way to bring the precious resource to its best use. We continuously develop our people, improve our processes and invest in technical innovations to create value for our customers and their customers.

Decorative hardwood is a niche segment of the overall worldwide wood market. Danzer is the largest producer of decorative sliced wood worldwide and one of the largest producers of sawn hardwood in North America – yet, Danzer processes less than 0.03% of the wood that is harvested for industrial use globally. Danzer believes that wood provides an answer to today’s (and tomorrow’s) challenges and provides many benefits to mankind. Many Danzer employees have a forestry or wood science background and share the fascination for wood that lies at the heart of the company.

Danzer produces close to the resource. It operates in the top hardwood regions of the world where sustainable forestry is being practiced. Having grown out of German roots, the company today operates modern production facilities in the Northeastern United States, Central Europe and the Republic of Congo. Danzer manages approximately 18,000 hectares own forests in North America. The company's subsidiaries Interholco AG and Industrie Forestière d’Ousso (IFO) in the Republic of Congo manage the largest contiguous forest concession in the tropics that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC): 1.16 million hectares. Danzer supports the development of local communities.

Danzer is wholly owned by the Karl Danzer foundation. The founder of the company set-up this structure to ensure the long-term survival of the enterprise. It also gives us the ability to think and act with an eye toward the future, very much in line with the nature of the hardwood resource. Danzer has been a reliable partner in the hardwood industry for more than 80 years. Our people pride themselves on developing long-term business relationships with partners and stakeholders. Danzer is committed to the diversity of its workforce which consists of almost 40 nationalities; Our approximately 2,600 employees speak more than 30 different languages.
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