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Darono. Dar-o-nó.

It assumes the union between elements and in that context Darono emerges from the intense work relationship between three feminine, young and dynamic companies, where three generations apply diverse perspectives to the ideology of the brand. Darono represents precisely the union between people and knowledge, materials and colors, ideas and inspirations. Above all, the bond between passion and design, with the premise “Handmade and Innovate” as focus on the creation of Home Fashion Objects. The knot between handmade and innovation whose inspiration comes from observing various cultures around the world, traditions, and elements of nature, gives place to the most unique touch that design can offer. The creativity applied in the development process of each of the pieces gave birth to decorative elements to customize and create cozy, free and relaxed environments, managing that objects used every day have a touch of design, always fulfilling their roles as functional objects – being pieces of easy maintenance.


As a mark of Portuguese Home Fashion Objects with design, Darono stands out for its original pieces with innovative touches using various materials, but having as a major element in the execution of each piece their own fiber – a technical textile composed by polyester and viscose – A string bodied which consists in a braid and from there it develops and creates every piece through various manual techniques. This material has as its main features to be antibacterial and eco-friendly, helping to strengthen Darono concern for environmental issues.

The color palette is extended allowing various combinations and the development of unique pieces and personalized adjusted to various environments – sober, fun, calm, vibrant, warm, cold – all distinct.


The knot is just the beginning. Darono designs without limits.
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