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Manufacturers from 82 George St, Redfern NSW, Australia
Design is our dNa

It's in everything we do. At Design Nation we are passionate about improving the human experience through transformative, design-led environments. It's the design choices we make that are integral to that.

Over the past 20 years we have created a carefully considered collection of local and global designer furniture and lighting. Our products are designed to move and inspire you. They elicit a sense of familiarity or nostalgia. They offer a special and lasting connection, and carry an innate intelligence and functionality that transcends time, place and application.

Our products are designed to make you feel differently, and transform the way you live and work every day.

about us

With over 20 years' experience in the commercial design industry, Design Nation has built a strong and enduring reputation in furniture, lighting and custom design solutions for workplace, hospitality, residential, education and healthcare environments.

We hold a deep connection to our products, each sourced with careful consideration from renowned and respected suppliers in Australia, Europe and America. Together they represent leadership in research and development, quality production, and design refinement.

We enjoy a special relationship with our brand partners, manufacturers and skilled craftspeople. They share in our passion for transformative design, helping us deliver on some of the region's most celebrated architectural and design projects.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible and efficient service from brief through to delivery. With flagship destinations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we are able to distribute design-led products right around the nation. Our established and reliable distribution network, built over two decades of business, has also equipped us to service challenging and complex projects in Asia, the Middle East and beyond.