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Manufacturers from Troisdorflaan 18, 3600 Genk, Belgium
Di Legno has been creating parquet flooring with an authentic look since 1998. You experience the character of wood marked by ageing together with the guarantee of a quality new product.

Our secret
Using the ageing techniques developed and elaborated by us we give new wood an aged finish. That way wood obtains a matured look that conjures up an atmosphere of distinctive respectability in old castles as well as modern residences. But also smooth, plain and modern is possible and can perfectly be combined with patinated wood.

To a large extent our processing techniques have the character of craftsmanship. The boards, which are approved for processing into parquet after a strict selection process, go through up to eight different treatments where each one is executed with great care and results in perfect customizing.

We customize your flooring, fully tailored to your personal preference and wishes. But there is more. We focus on your entire interior: doors, staircases, wall-covering, furniture and accessories according to choice. Discover our full range on this website.

Made in Belgium
Everything we manufacture is "made in Belgium", but we are active in many countries and have acquired international recognition. We do not only deliver in Belgium, The Netherlands and France, but also outside Europe, to among others America, Russia and South Africa where you will find our wood products not only in private homes but also in first-class hotels, top restaurants, offices and shopping malls.

Service and execution
We collaborate with contractors who have the same respect for our valuable commodity and who install and finish it with proven expertise in accordance with our guidelines.

From the first day after the installation the wood takes over from us and provides you with many years of stylish and durable use in a pleasant living environment that is fully customized and designed according to your taste.
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