dMFK Architects
dMFK Architects

dMFK Architects

Architects from London, United Kingdom
dMFK are Architects, Makers, Communicators and Collaborators.

We design new buildings which work in complex, historic or constrained contexts.

We re-invent existing buildings fearlessly, taking a brave approach to heritage, believing strongly that change means opportunity, complexity, interest and richness. Whether new build or renovation, we aim to create and respond to texture, warmth, grain and richness.

We help people and organisations clarify, develop, and manifest their aspirations in beautiful buildings and spaces that feel usable and approachable.

We are all skilled communicators, knowing the questions to ask, how to ask them and of whom, and most importantly to listen. We relish working with others, in complex team and client structures, and know how to get the best out of those situations for our clients.

dMFK is a team of 20 talented young architects, established since 2000, and led by Julian de Metz, Paul Forbes and Ben Knight who handle all parts of the process but with specific areas of interest.

Julian is a 3rd generation architect with a deep interest in existing and historic buildings, places and how people use them. He often heads up concept design, planning, communication and consultation.

Paul is a 2nd generation architect formerly a project director at Richard Rogers Partnership with a passion for hand drawing. He often takes the lead on technical detail, building performance, and transformation of concept through technical design.

Ben, a natural architect, was formerly a project director at Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, and cut his teeth with Ian Simpson and Richard Horden. He often takes responsibility for for process and organisation in the office and is in charge of our transition into the use of BIM.