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Edmonds International

Architects from Javier Barros Sierra 540 Park Plaza , Ciudad de México, Mexico
Edmonds International Ltd was formed in 1998 by Michael Edmonds and a group of internationally accomplished architects, designers, and managers who shared a common vision: to deliver timeless buildings for clients around the world by setting a new standard of strategic, value-for-money design efficiency. Recognized for its mixed-use, office, hospitality, residential, master plan, resort, retail and interior projects, Edmonds has built its reputation on the belief that transformative architecture can be achieved within cost-effective business plans. To date, Edmonds’ team of multinational professionals have designed over 60 million square feet of architecture and interiors in 11 countries across the globe.

"Form must not only follow function but also follow efficiency, for if efficiency and function find form together, only then is the true art in architecture revealed."
— Michael Edmonds 2011

Edmonds International is driven by the belief that visionary architecture is possible within cost-effective business plans. Our firm was built on the premise that every project is first and foremost a business proposition for our clients. To the classic dictum “form follows function” we add “efficiency of investment,” for we understand that bottom-line performance is crucial to a building’s long-term success.
At the same time, we’re big dreamers. We have faith in the power of architecture to inspire and transform the social conditions of our lives – whether at home, at work, or in the public sphere. In practice, this means producing buildings that are “good neighbors,” which give back to the surrounding community and environment more than they take.
From the hard drivers of business to the lofty ideals of revolutionary design, we work closely with our client partners to bring exceptional architecture to life.