Manufacturers from Av, Madrid 6, apdo. postal 46, Quart de Poblet, Spain
Emac® is the most important Spanish manufacturer of profiles and trims for ceramic tiles.

We offer the broadest profiles range in the market of decorative and protection solutions for tiles, as well as expansion and structural joints for all kind of floorings, walls, facades and urban pavements.

Present in over 110 countries with office in USA and Italy to provide Emac® profiles in both American and Italian market.

And every year we are in more than 10 trade fairs around the world to introduce all our novelties and give us the kind possibility to attend personally to our clients.

Immediate Service: Over 3.000 items in 24 hours

Our customers, warehouses and distributors, know that we have the deepest range in the market, with more tan 3000 items, sizes, finishings, colours…with the highest quality.

We are the sole company in the world completely specialized in profiles and trims for ceramic tiles.

One of the mainstays of Emac® Policy is the guarantee of an immediate 24hours service. Therefore, we have the biggest inventory of profiles in the market (fruit of a massive economic investment) and all of our logistic activities are controlled by intelligent storage management software, which allows us to optimize the service we provide to our clients.

Certified Quality

Because of our efforts in improving every day, EMAC® has obtained in 2009 the ISO 9001:2008 recertification, an update and improvement of the Rule 9001:2000, that means its appreciation of quality and innovation, as well appreciate the quality and professionalism of our human team.

Innovation in profiles for wall and flooring applications

Every year Emac® introduces the more exclusive products following the trends of the ceramic market, and offer to our customers the newest solutions. New designs, new models, new materials, new finishings and colours… to solve any kind of project with the final touch.

All our new products are developed and tested in collaboration with the Technologic Institutes Net of Valencian Region (REDIT,) from the design stage until its sales.

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